New To Ormus? Start Your Tour Here
New To Ormus? Start Your Tour Here
New to Ormus by Denis of Oz? Our Ormus is the only vibrationally tuned Ormus on the market, uniquely made to get you specific RESULTS. Start your Ormus magical mystery tour here.
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Returning Ormus Customers Start Here
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Get The Discount Soul Family Ormus Pack
Extra Discount and FREE Gifts to connect at the soul level. Ideal for families to live in harmony. Families who have Ormus long term have the Creative and Expressive children.



Ormus by Denis of Oz

Just in Time to Amplify Your New Years Renewal The New Year has always been associated with RENEWAL! So,  here is an Elixir of Total ReInvention and ReDiscovery of Self.  Its YOUR  ‘New Years Resolution’ in a Bottle … Ever since the groundbreaking Japanese scientist Dr Masuro Emoto discovered that Water has the Power to…

There are two types of Ormus, the free stuff found found in the air, soil, plants, stones, and sea and the Ormus superfood products that you buy. This article will focus on what to look for in those Ormus products that you can buy. Ormus is known for its superconductivity of consciousness, therefore the alchemist…

Ormus is a Powerful Ormus Super Food for spiritual healing and soul expansion. Ormus can enhance your ability to bring into manifestation that which you desire. If you are new to the whole Ormus thing, you may not have heard about “The Quickening’ that often accompanies daily Ormus use. Our customers are certainly reporting heightened manifestation powers….

Happiness in a Bottle The higher your vibrational frequency the better your life experiences and ability to manifest your dreams are. There has been much written about the necessity to raise your vibration during these spiritually transitioning times. In this article I’m going to talk about the particular benefits that come with raising your vibrational…

About Our Ormus

Ormus Elixirs by Denis of Oz are a natural product akin to a potentized vibrational medicine, for spiritual evolutionraising your vibration and producing unprecedented ‘happiness and evolution in a bottle’.

Our Ormus is made from the purest, pristine ocean water, collected at 4am on the Waxing Full Moon added to West Australian Gold lake salt, potentized and infused with Life Force and Intent in a full  Sacred Ceremony lasting many hours on the Waning (Female/Receptive side of the) Full Moon. The Beach we collect our ocean water from has recently been voted the cleanest beach in Australia.

Unlike other Ormus products on the market, Ormus by Denis of Oz has a Major Spirit & Light component … so much so that it is often called ‘Liquid Light’ as it elevates and transforms its users. When we added some WA High Ormus Gold Lake salt and Korean Sacred Bamboo salt to our mix, we got a whole new Ormus mineral dimension to our Potent Ormus. Only ½ teaspoon of Ormus twice a day will sweetly uplift your mood, brighten your world, raise  your  frequency  and  enhance  your  life.

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