I wanted to share my Ormus story to help other people who may have no clue about what the hell this Ormus thing is and what all the hype is about… I am not a scientist, nor a clever mathematician, not even a believer…I am however a student to life, have an open mind, have a heap of common sense and just about willing to give any thing a go that may challenge me or grow me.

It all began one afternoon when I went to visit a friend. He had recently moved into a new apartment and I was quite excited to see how he had set the place up. We were talking in the kitchen and I made my way across to look out the large lounge room window. It looked out onto a small courtyard garden that had been set out in the Japanese/ Zen-like way and had a massive Buddha statue off to the side. It was impressive, purposeful and it moved me.

Unbeknown to me, while I was looking out the window admiring the garden, my friend had taken a small empty bottle from his cupboard and placed in on the kitchen bench. As I turned to move back towards the kitchen a huge wave of energy rushed over me and I began to feel my body tingling. I had no idea what was going on and thought I may have had a very light faint spell. I didn’t feel faint though, instead I felt really charged…like all my cells in my body where jumping around with joy!!! My friend began talking about the contents of this empty bottle, he was holding it and explaining how the bottle is filled with a liquid, what doses he had been taking, how he had recently ran out and needed to order some more. I really wasn’t paying attention to anything he was saying as I was having more fun feeling the sensations in my body.

It took me a while to catch up on what was been said and I soon realized that the contents of the bottle (this ‘ORMUS’ thing) was the very thing that was driving my body cells wild with joy. I took the bottle from his hands and held it in my left hand. A really nice feeling of a gentle buzz took place in my hand and it slowly worked its way up through my arm and into my shoulder and then nicely rested in my heart. It was like a warm glow sitting comfortably in my heart. It certainly put a smile on my face.

My dear friends, other first time users and newbies I encourage you to use the Ormus with a lot of respect and gratitude. For on that day I visited my friend in his new apartment the Ormus bottle was completely empty and I had such a powerful response to it. I have since ordered “Mother Abundance” and “Triumph and Exultation” from Denis of OZ. I take small regular doses. I respect its potency – it is a force to be reckoned with and I also respect the fact that I may not understand its very nature. There are still many mysterious things about it. I can say this though, in my heart of hearts Ormus does have a very important role to play in humanity. It does serve a purpose. A purpose that may be greater than you and I to understand.

MyraEvents Manager, Melbourne