A Potent Eclipse Of The Moon

Yes Ormies and Ormettes ..
It’s 12 hours to a VERY potent Eclipse!

We are having a TOTAL FULL ECLIPSE followed by a SOLSTICE and the Shortest/Longest day depending on your hemisphere! POTENT!

Some say Ormus wouldn’t be good with this much potency! I GO AFTER POTENCY! And Program it accordingly!

It will be a log time before you see/feel an energy frequency like this again! Yes folks, this potent time is magic in action and the RAVES I have been getting from people about this time are.. well, unusual to say the least!

One astrologer wrote that due to a calendar misunderstanding that the Mayan Calendar ‘”End” is NOT 2012, but 2010! She said: THE BIG NEWS! — It’s not Dec 21, 2012. THE AWESOME NEWS: The date has been moved up to Dec 21, 2010. Read with fascination here:

There’s No Time Like The Present!

This powerful TOTAL FULL ECLIPSE happens TOMORROW!

And TODAY the Eclipse, tomorrow the Solstice! The Lunar Eclipse happens at 6.12 pm Here in Qld and 12 mins past midnight PST (Pacific time) for the West USA! 3.12 am for ESTime! And the Solstice happens at: 9.40 am here in Oz (Queensland) and 3.40 pm PST in the USA!

I have posted here and elsewhere a few times that astrologically 2010 if FAR more POTENT than 2012 looks. I think we are through the worst of it! It gets better from this Full Moon and Solstice!

So, get out there and capture the energies and make some potent Ormus … capture the time and vibration!

We are in the WORST of times. We are in the BEST of times!

It all comes down to your PERSPECTIVE and INTENTION!

I say POWER UP at this time! I have more links on my Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/DenisOfOz)

The energies on this planet are changing changing changing by the week and by the day sometimes. This is the END of “Kali Yuga” .. the Hindu/Sanskrit name for the Age of Darkness .. and it HAS BEEN getting pretty dark and ‘ratty’ with the rats taking over the Ship of State globally, but their days are NUMBERED! (Whether this astrologer above has it right or not).

We are fast coming into an amazing “State of Grace” .. the “SAT YUGA” or Age of Truth and it is (and has been for 6 years of making Ormus) that the ‘Good O’ will transport us, (You, me, and our ‘Ormus tribe’) safely across the troubled waters INTO this “State of Grace” of which I speak!

Make it, take it, share it, love it, bathe in it, give it, sell it, promote it, distribute it, be a part of it! WE ARE the PEOPLE we have been waiting for! Walk into the bathroom and meet one close to you .. in the mirror! THIS IS THE TIME we have been waiting for! Here is a fun song to remind you of who you ARE and what you have chosen to come here and help create on our lovely Earth!

Ok, Ciao for now, Seize the DAY!
Cheers and love,

Denis of Oz

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