A Woman In Her Eighties Gets Great Benefit

Denis, I cannot thank you enough for producing the Ormus products, and I’m truly grateful to whatever prompted me to buy the magazine where I saw your advertisement. When I read the ad I knew I wanted this ‘Ormus’, and when I went to your website and found that ordering was simple.

Once I placed the order (during a weekend) I knew there were 2 or 3 days to wait for delivery. In that time I had an amazing feeling of relief, that something really special was on its way to me. I was like a child, knowing that Father Christmas would be here after two more sleeps!

The package arrived late on the third afternoon, and I started that night to take the Self-Regeneration Ormus. (As I am in my early eighties, I figured that was the most important one for me!). That was just 3 days ago!

Wow!! The effects for me were immediate and noticeable the next morning, and continue on. Firstly, underlying anxieties about trivial and more important things, just evaporated. On that first day something totally unplanned, unexpected and delightful occurred, which I was really thrilled to enjoy. Next day did go to plan, and was just as delightful too. Today I have just completed several long-standing tasks.

So what is different?

Not much externally, but the way I feel about it all is quite different. It is easy to get out of bed in the morning, and doing the usual chores (house, garden, dogs,etc)is no longer dreary. My walking is much stronger (I have had both hips replaced in the last ten years). I feel the energy in my body wanting to be used, like it used to be forty, fifty, and more years ago, so a certain underlying weariness is no longer there, and my digestion is improved. This is so exciting and at the same time I feel very level-headed, but have no desire to do crazy things.

Emotionally what would once have upset or bothered me is of no consequence, its like such things are in a different world – that I’ve left behind! The voice in my head that so often told me I’m ‘not good enough’ is silent! In truth, I am pretty much as I always was, but I feel heaps heaps better, and my body is strengthening not weakening. I just wish that everybody could/would latch on to this opportunity to truly feel better in themselves.

The best thing about all this, is that it is totally independent of anyone else. I have not gone anywhere, or had a complete makeover from someone else. Tomorrow is Mothers’ Day, so thank you Universe ( and Denis) for the wonderful gift of Ormus. – Sybil from country Victoria AUSTRALIA.

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