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To empower individuals and groups to access higher states of consciousness, by creating quality Ormus products, providing spiritually uplifting tutorials, life enhancing exercises and highly effective techniques to elicit happiness, abundance, triumph, contentment, bliss, ecstasy and fulfillment.

About Our Founder:

denisDENIS COONEY – based in Currumbin on the Gold Coast Australia, is an Alchemist and a Metaphysician, who has studied extensively and practiced utilizing the dynamics of the invisible realms that effect us as humans, such as Astrology, Numerology, Dowsing, Elemental Typology etc. His business background includes marketing of nutritional supplements, healthy lifestyles and promotion of personal development education.

For 22 years Denis has focused his attention on making people feel good through personal upliftment in one form or another, driven by observing the discomfort and pain of so many people who lacked appropriate energy, knowledge, problem solving skills, focus and the financial security they were aiming for.

After a sky diving accident 17 years ago, he woke up 5 weeks later in hospital to find both legs in traction, his left arm in plaster, bandages around his head, no memory of anything around the event and his brain working at 20% of original speed and cognitive abilities. Denis miraculously reclaimed his quality of life and overcame a prognosis of permanent brain damage by using various healing modalities …

  • HEALING OF THE MIND – he meditated more often and started researching anything that could improve brain functionality (from classical alchemy to modern science).
  • HEALING OF THE PHYSICAL BODY – during his 10.5 weeks in hospital, after being taken out of traction and placed in a wheelchair, he forced himself to start walking, with the use of physiotherapy, chiropractic, cranial therapy, body harmony etc.
  • EMOTIONAL HEALING – he used re-birthing and past life regression,

3 months after the accident he was invited to a presentation for Avatar, (a 9 day personal empowerment course) which touched the participants souls so deeply they were able to access sublime inner states of consciousness only ever felt during peak meditation states prior to this time. The many processes impressed him so much that he took to teaching the course which in turn facilitated further integrated healing.

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  1. Cynthia Stratton
    Cynthia Stratton On June 11, 2015 at 2:08 pm Reply


    HiHi Denis,
    I read this and thought of you.
    My life mate John VanPlantinga has prostate cancer that has spread to bone, spine, ribs.
    Is there anything you can recommend?
    Cynthia Stratton

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