An Archangel Ormus Visitation ~ Aquarian Full Moon

Tonight AGAIN, it happened! I got ANOTHER one of those phone calls! People getting RESULTS from Ormus BEFORE we send it!

Many many times now we have gotten reports of customers seeing benefits and results that are beneficial and ‘Ormus Like’ i.e. having the Ormus ‘signature’ of wonderful synchronicities, healings, happy coincidences, connections with old and new friends and financial breakthroughs .. and GET THIS .. these things reportedly happen AS SOON as people order their Ormus from us.


We here at ‘Ormus Central’ as we jokingly call our home business, REPEATEDLY experience many ‘Energies’ coming to witness the Ormus being made here on the Full Moons!

SOME of  these ‘energies’ were identified on the last Aquarian Full Moon by a psychic intuitive who was present here, as being several of the ArchAngels, and other Spiritual realm beings, Seraphim, and Goddesses..

We BELIEVE  and hear the reports every week that THESE BEINGS are connected to the Ormus and as SOON as people “Reach Out to Ormus” (by ordering and paying) that the Spiritual Energies REACH OUT to these same people ordering .. and many amazing stories have come to us about that.

They talk about healing journeys and wonderful ‘happenstance’ that happens as SOON as people have ordered ..
I am talking having these results WAY BEFORE these people have even RECEIVED their actual Ormus.
The Ormus physically, looks like an inert LOOKING milky liquid. It LOOKS unremarkable!  But it is ACTIVE in another dimension that just our 3D world.

Many times I have made reference to the ‘Ormus Magical Mystery Tour’ .. and this is just ONE aspect of the Spiritually Mysterious Nature of our lovely Ormus.

Hint: Don’t buy our Ormus just to ‘Test Out’ the ‘Ormus Angels’  .. they will be onto a motivation like that, and you will get exactly what you expect: Nothing.

SO, if YOU have a sincere need for help in some area, pick the Ormus batch that closest resembles the area of life that you want help with .. and order that product.

Or if you are a newbie, start with the ‘Bonus Pack’ that has ‘Self Regeneration’ our most potent Healer, and ‘Mother of Abundance’ our ‘Ormus of Supply’ with the free under pillow DreamTime bottle of the ‘Heaven on Earth-Happiness’ batch to deepen  your evolution while you sleep.

Remember, we offer a money back guarantee on our Bonus and Soul Family packs .. so the risk is on us!

Cheers and warm regards,
Denis of Oz

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