become telepathic, develop telepathic abilities, develop intuition, the quickening, intuitive quickeningI just got this delightful email from one of my long term customers who flew the 5 hour journey over from Western Australia to make the Intuitive Quickening Ormus with me a couple of weeks ago. She was a treat to have stay here .. Sal is a amazingly intuitive clairvoyant who ‘sees’ and communicates with the subtle realm ‘beings’ that are all around us .. they are always ‘talking’ to her. She has both telepathic abilities and intuitive psychic abilities.

There was a real potency and spiritual ‘urgency’ to the recent Aquarian Full Moon batch of Ormus, as it had many powerful energies associated with it .. not to mention all the ‘beings’ that showed up for its making a couple of weeks ago on the 2nd of August.

We have called this Aquarian Moon batch “Intuitive Quickening” (or IQ for short) … and speaking personally,  I have noticed a big jump in my ability to ‘apprehend’ by direct ‘knowing’ the inner nature of people and things around me lately.

This IS the kind of insight I have always wanted and I have felt lost and psychically ‘naked’ in my past without these perceptual abilities. I am recovering more and more of these skills daily now.

So here is Salimah’s report on her experience:

“My parents and I have ingested Denis’s lovely elixirs for a few years now. I had some TL (Transcendence and Liberation) sent to me recently and it was awesome just holding the package. It was amazing!

I recommend his Mother of Abundance (MA) as it works fantastic for me as I am self employed. I take it when I want more clients and the phone rings for bookings before the day is over.

I have recently flew over to Queensland and had the pleasure of watching Denis in Ormus making action.
What a divine experience. After preparing the Ormus making space we became very present using the ‘Shower of Power’ excercise before we started the processing of he materials.

As I am clairvoyant, I ‘saw’ in my minds eyes a ‘gathering’ of beings .. first a Goddess (‘Mother Ormus’, as Denis calls her) and then beautiful women celebrating in the centre of 4 angels. They were Archangels! And they were protecting and enriching our Ormus making space, and what a blessing! This all came about without invocation of any sort. They just showed up! Denis said this is normal at his Ormus making!

The whole experience was so beautiful beyond words. When I was in the vicinity of that  batch I felt like I was near the most sacred substance ever created. To me it has the most celestial energy of anything or anyone I know.

Denis puts a lot of energy, focus and intention into his special Ormus batches. He’s a gifted alchemist who lives and breathes Ormus. Denis’ Ormus can change your life, make you more conscious, help you manifest faster and feel better just by being near it!

Try drinking it daily for a few months and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner!”
Salimah Ainsworth
Perth Western Australia

I hope you enjoyed reading this am much as I … and if you want to learn more about how the Intuitive Quickening can help you develop your intuitive and telepathic abilities check it out on this page – Intuitive Quickening (IQ) Ormus
Cheers and love,
Denis of Oz