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Mother Of Abundance Ormus

The Mother of Abundance Ormus has a specific ‘Abundance’ and ‘Money’ focus. Abundance occurs on all levels; the inner levels of emotional, mental and spiritual as well as outer resources relating to the physical and material world. These usually lead to MANY other experiences of ‘Having Enough’ in all areas of life – a contentment with “what is”.

We get reports weekly of people who have had significant jumps in income from unexpected sources since taking Ormus. Sammy in Melbourne was amazed at the ways that money came to her .. including the ATO sending her many thousands in unexpected ‘refund’ moneys that were not warranted.


Ormus made under the full moon of taurus for abundanceCreated on the Taurus Full Moon to capture the full potency of the Taurus ‘Earth’ energies, Taurus is all about ‘Having’.

If you would like to increase your income and experience more abundance in your life choose from any of the individual bottles or packages below. You’ll be glad you acted today.


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Ormus Mother Of Abundance Testimonials

“Denis, since starting your Mother of Abundance Ormus, I am now earning anywhere between $1-3k extra per month. I am still a newbies at this. THANK YOU.” Stu, Texas USA

“It just WORKS”. “Its the bomb!” I was lacking in motivation and had even been warned at my job. After having your Ormus, my motivation and productivity immediately picked up! My work output became quite prodigious and I could just see that this stuff is the bomb!”

“Historically, I had been jumping from project to project without accomplishing a lot . But when I started on the Ormus, I suddenly felt like I had full control again. I am a Californian living in South Australia and I make the BEST SALSA in Australia. But I just couldn’t get around to doing anything about it.”  The Ormus kicked me into gear and suddenly I am on a fast track to jump starting my new business”.

I stopped (ordering Ormus)  for a few months but I realised that I MISSED IT!  So I reordered, and everything picked up immediately.” Latroy, South Australia

And this testimonial, though a bit lengthy, sums up the effects of the Mother of Abundance

“Well Denis. I have to admit. Sometimes the Rah Rah Rah about your ORMUS sounds a bit too good to be true.

H o w e v e r r r…

I received an alert that the British customs levied a duty on your Ormus package and complained to you by Instant Mesage on Facebook.

You just said:”Fortunately, the Mother of Abundance batch will get it all back for you!”

Within hours of the postal alert that my Mother of Abundance Ormus was ready to be picked up I received a bank statement showing several thousand British Pounds Sterling having just been deposited into our account that we had absolutely no knowledge or expectation of. I thought I was going to flip out! haha .. I KNEW your MA was good, but not THAT good!

next surprise…

I went to my computer to pay the customs charge by debit card and within an hour (!!) I got a letter in the mail that contained exactly twice the previous amount of thousands that I had just received!

I thought I was going to faint ! I had to laugh out loud!

I just sat here with a big stupid grin on my face and thought… Wowee … I thought that this was outrageous .. the MA Ormus didn’t even have to be in the HOUSE yet … just in the CITY!!!!

It seems we were already connected! Well. I am completely convinced now ..That Mother of Abundance is JUST THAT !!! A Rocketship of Abundance for me.

THANK YOU DENIS. This is some pretty amazing Ormus.

And you can print that!! HAHA

Oh and PS .. After ONE day of having only a teaspoon, MORE money arrived! Then three days later it was STILL COMING! I am re-ordering some MORE! Blessings, Mickey Lowe UK.”

More Mother of Abundance Ormus information here!

Founder – Denis of Oz
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