We receive so many testimonials on a daily basis that it’s hard to keep a track of them all. Many people just tell us during a phone call and some take the time to drop us a note.

All feedback is so greatly appreciated as it helps us know how our Ormus is impacting your life. You can read some more reports from Ormus customers here.

Liquid happiness and meditation in a bottle.

I have used all of your earlier Ormus for years now and again extend gratitude to you for making it available to all of us. It truly continues to be a marvelous experience. Liquid happiness and meditation in a bottle. – Best regards, Margaret, Ontario, Canada

Extra $1-3000 per month

Denis, Since your Ormus, I am now earning anywhere between $1-3k extra per month.
I am still a newbie at this. Thank you. – Stu TX USA

Ormus As A Subtle Guidance

After getting your Ormus, my path became clear to me. The inspiration, people and resources came from nowhere to furnish my new direction. I experienced the Ormus as subtle guidance, lending its hand to my intentions.

I am now constantly reminded of my strength to pull what I desire into my life. I feel lighter and less subject to reality – almost like I can bend some rules, and break others.

In the last month, my intuition has been really sensitive – often receiving several images a day. My partner has also been taking the Ormus twice a day and her health, life and business are taking off too. Thank you Denis for the true superfood of the consciousness age. – Brenton, Brisbane Qld

Denis’ Ormus is truly a work of art/heart.

I am not new to Ormus as I been taking ormus materials since 2001. Denis’ Ormus is one of the BEST I have ever had. I felt the familiar ormus ‘spin’ in my third eye. Additionally, wonderful uplifting feelings of joy, peace, contentment overcame me after awhile. Very noticeable!

Whew, I am impressed. Everything about this Ormus is truly a work of art/heart. I sense that Denis has been “chosen” for his particular configuration to make Ormus to uplift others in a most unique way. Denis as the alchemist provides such clear definition, direction, and purpose for his Ormus and therefore, for his customers. THANK YOU, – Nancy XO Boulder CO USA

‘Unreasonably Happy’

My Ormus experience for 7 months has been really amazing. I HAVE become ‘unreasonably happy’ and my sleeping/dreams have become really deep and deeply significant and there is a real danger of sleeping way past the alarm like I’m somewhere else …..literally.

I have had to restrain myself from telling people what they are thinking or about to do, but events usually validate my ‘knowings’. I reduced my intake to 1 teaspoon a day as my car driving was getting a little too inspired and ‘spacey’. This Ormus is is really real and meaningful to me. – Cheers, Shelley, Queens, NY USA

Infused With Happiness

I am convinced that Ormus has some amazing properties for the first day taking it I felt incredibly happy
I slept with the bottle under my bed and got great light shows most of the night. – Cheers, Janice, Nerang Queensland

Party PUNCH!

I put some of your Ormus in the punch for my dinner party.
The party was FANTASTIC! I had to throw them all out at 2am because there were SO elated by the evening
they didn’t want to leave! They said it was the BEST DINNER PARTY they had EVER been to. Ok, maybe the food WAS good … but the BEST? Dunno … It was the Ormus I think. – Sue Noosa Qld


Hey Denis I stopped having your Ormus because I was too busy to order any more. Silly!
Since I stopped, I went back to being more irritable, grumpy and tired, whereas I was centred, connected, focused, happy and fulfilled when I had Ormus daily! I took for granted how good your ORMUS was making me feel, think and function, maybe because the benefits were subtle and gradual.

ORMUS is now a MUST in my life twice a day every day. I simply cant afford not to have it. It’s $1.50 a day well spent! – Cheyne Goulden ‘The Profit Centre’ The Bays, Vic

Unbelievable …

Hey Denis, I shared the ‘DreamTime’ under pillow bottle of your Ormus with a friend and within a day he was feeling so much better. What is IN that DreamTime bottle? Unbelievable! Sheree, Bondi, NSW