It was ‘Self Regeneration’ (SR) Ormus bottling time today and again, while handling this most Potent of our Ormus Elixirs, I got what the Ormus Lovers call the “Whirlies”!
For the uninitiated, the Ormus Whirlies is a sweet Light-Headedness and sense of mild euphoria that seems to occur regularly for Ormus lovers. This feels like a spiritual elevation or uplitment .. and sometimes described as a ‘State of Grace’ .. like an instant sweet sense Angels-fourangelsof  Lightness.

A lot of  Newbie Ormus users experience these sensations at the beginning of their Ormus journey! And intermittently, believe it or not, when they ‘Talk’ to the Higher Dimensional Energies that Ormus seems tone a conduit for. I call this the “Angel Effect”!

For “Old Hands” like me, one would think we would be used to this vibrational uplift, but EVERY TIME that I handle this Sacred Substance, I get the ‘Whirlies’ and realise how LUCKY I am to be a ‘Conduit’ for this rarified fluid we call the Elixir-of-Life!
This happens regardless of whichever variety or batch that I am handling .. but it seems the Biggest ‘Rush’ of the Whirlies comes with the ‘Self Regeneration’ (SR) variety that was made last year on on the back of  a catamaran withe the Whales singing underneath the boat on the night of the 3rd “Blood Moon” (The 28th September 2015 Aries Full Moon) that  was the 3rd in the series of “Blood Moons” and written about in Revelations as being the time of the most potent change on the planet.  SelfRegenerationTaiChi21-322x322

It was a very ‘charged’, high energy time and I hardly slept that night!

Back to the ‘Whirlies’, when I handle this Ormus Elixir, I get this SWEET UPLIFT from the potency of this Ormus over and over again!
It NEVER seems to get ‘OLD’!  So, surely by now, you may be wondering WHY (or HOW) is this happening. (?)
If I tell you, you have to accept that this is ~MY EXPERIENCE~ ..   Yes?  Ready?

Over years of developing and enhancing the Ceremony of processing the Ormus raw materials, I have called on the Higher Dimensional Beings to BE PRESENT in the Ormus making process .. and even consistently sang the names of the famous ArchAngels, Saints, Sages, Ascended Masters, Divine Mothers, and Mystics to get Their attention and ask for Their Presence, Empowerment and Grace to be Vibrationally Present in the Ormus Elixir that was being processed at that time.

One time, after many years of doing this and feeling TERRIFIC and ELEVATED when I did this ceremony, I was joined by a highly clairvoyant. clairaudient, psychic, empathic intuitive from Perth called Sal, who was able to SEE and identify each and all of the Beings who were present.
As soon as we started the preparation for the Ormus making Space, (for an Ormus variety that we call “Intuitive Quickening” made on the Aquarius Full Moon) and I started playing the Ormus making soundtracks that I use, I started for Feel the Whirlies, and Sal alerted me to the arrivals of some of these Higher Dimensional Beings  .. seemingly wanting to join in even before the ceremony began, because the Space was now ‘Dedicated’ to the Ormus making.   Dedication seems to be the KEY here!

Soul Intuitive Ormus PackLater, during the height of the ceremony, Sal counted as many as 14 Archangels and 19 ‘Divine Mothers’ well as a collection of others in the categories  above,  including what They were ‘Wearing’ (their appearance garments) and what They were “Saying” (that I could not hear) and the Impressions that They conveyed to her.  We were both almost dizzy with the Richness of the Energies that had gathered for the ceremony.

Needless to say, besides being BLOWN AWAY, I then KNEW why I felt SO SO SO GOOD and SO affected by the LightHeaded “Whirlies” during my previous Ormus processing sessions,  which I NOW associate with the Presence of the “Ormus Angels” as I call them.

So .. when I handle this extraordinary liquid to bottle it, even 4 months later, I STILL get the Ormus ‘Whirlies’ (InstantSpiritual Elevation).
So, when I felt this today,  I decided to stop the bottling IMMEDIATELY and write down my experience right away, (that is this blog,) before I could get caught up in the ‘Humdrum of  Normality’ and my day to day functioning.     I am glad I did.  I was way overdue in time that I finally I told this story.

I sometimes have hmother-of-abundancead a few different ‘oracle’, medium, psychic intuitive clairvoyant women present at my Ormus making ceremonies now who have confirmed for me what I usually feel, which is that there are a Number of Highly Elevated Beings who are Present at Ormus making time.
The most regular of these ArchAngels to visit include ArchAngel Zadakiel (aka St Germain)  the Archangel and ~Patron of Alchemy~ and the Keeper of the Violet Flame …
And Archangel Barachial .. the ‘ArchAngel of Blessings’ .. who Blesses the Ormus users and the
Mother of Abundance (MA) Ormus variety particularly .. because ‘MA’ captures the Frequency of Blessings, rewards, supply, having, enrichment, incoming  gifts and plenty.
The effectiveness of this Ormus variety will be apparent to you as SOON as you have a look at our Customers Wins on the MA Page.