Happiness Express December 2013 – Spirit of Christmas Manifestation

Welcome to December’s edition of Happiness Express

Spirit of Christmas Manifestation

In This Issue:
  • Intention, Happiness and the New Years’ Resolution Comes Early

  • Tips to Create Your Year to Be the Best Year Ever

Intention, Happiness and the New Years’ Resolution Comes Early

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happy-new-yearTo our Ormus Customers and friends ..

This SEASON is the REASON that so many of us are FOCUSED and have Goals and Outcomes that we want to, that we have to accomplish – for ourselves and for our family.

What IS the  ‘REASON’ (“THEME”) for this current December SEASON? What ARE the Powerful Vibrational Frequencies of THIS TIME? To know this is to Ease our Spiritual  and Material Journey for this time.


TAP the Hidden Powers of these Vibrational Frequencies AS they unfold .. with Ease Magic and Grace. Deliver Great Timely Happy Results for Yourself and your family at this time with the power of  Ormus- Alchemy!

As most of you know, ORMUS  is the ‘Modern Day Alchemy’ – and Ormus-Alchemy  quickens the realisation, the manifestation and the fulfillment of our Intent, our Goals and our Aspirations.

Those of you who have been following our unfolding Ormus journey will have seen that we are using some of the Hidden Power of Water to deliver “Vibrational Information” and ‘Intent’ to you and yours via our ‘Tuned’ and Vibrationally Enriched Ormus Elixirs. These ‘Themed Elixirs’ are made in Sacred Ceremonies on the Full  Moons (and sometimes the NewMoons) to capture the vibrational richness of the prevailing energies .. which are LIKE prevailing WINDS!

IF we know where the “Wind” is blowing, it is so much easier to have the “Wind at our backs” by facing the right direction to capture its power and ease our journey.  And the December 2013 wind is blowing towards Inventiveness and Re-Creation/Renewal


The New Years resolution in a bottle that you have BEFORE the new year to CAPTURE the Energies that are the “Vibrational Wind” that can carry you constantly re-inventing yourself over December and January into 2014 with renewed style and flourish!

We invite you to ‘Crystallise’ your goals and intent with this special purpose made batch ..

This special Purpose “INNOVATION and RENEWAL”  Elixir is made for THIS DECEMBER SEASON ONLY.
The ” INNOVATION and RENEWAL” Elixir is the “New Years Resolution in a Bottle” that you have BEFORE the new year!

Since so many of us seek ‘Divine Guidance’ in assisting our efforts to Re-create and Re-invent our lives, this ‘Innovation and Renewal’ Elixir is a way to ‘get the jump on’ the sad futility of trying to make ‘Resolutions’ when you are in ‘relax and party’ mode .. or worse, only just recovering from Chrissy and NY Eve !

Start your 2014 self renewal in 2013 with    ‘Liquid Focus’, with ‘Liquid Intent’ ,

If you order in 2013, We are sending you out The Christmas Offer:

“December Only’ Themed Elixir of Innovation and Renewal FREE when you order our most elevated Soul program of all time: “The Mystic Destiny Pack”.                                                               Get your Christmas Offer Today

In the  Mystic Destiny Pack, you will receive:

– TWO Divinely Inspired Ormus Themed batches, that both had the attendance of Higher Dimensional Divine beings in attendance, being

  • The  “Destiny of Love” and
  • The “Eye of the Mystic’ .

– These accompany the super popular and acclaimed ‘Mother of Abundance’

– AND the SPECIAL FREE  DECEMBER Elixir: 200ml of Innovation and Renewal!

We recommend that you have “IR” up until and through the rest of 2013 … INTO 2014!               (Get Yours Now)

As we  stated above, ‘Innovation and Renewal’ is  a New Years Resolution  .. IN ADVANCE!

But Wait!  (I love saying that..) There’s MORE!

This amazing pack comes complete with ANOTHER THREE GIFTS!

  • Gift 1/ The DreamTime under pillow bottle.  This is the ‘Ormus-by-Proximity’ effect that will uplift you in your sleep.
  • Gift 2/ The ‘Space of Grace’ Instant Ormus Topical Spray  . .  and  instructions.
  • Gift 3/  The Instant Consciousness Uplift we call the “Shower of Power” .. an exercise done in the shower to transform your life when done daily while in the shower.  Also comes with instructions.

This special pack will only be available in 2013 as the “Innovation and Renewal” themed batch is totally TIME SPECIFIC!

This Super Value pack is kept at the price of our popular ‘Soul Packs’ at $257 plus discounted express post .. ($11 in Oz)

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“Create Your Year To Be The Best Ever”


DECIDE and COMMIT to One New Practice that is Do-able DAILY.

For me, that is 5-10 minutes of Chi Gung before I slip smoothly into slumber. No matter HOW tired I am, I do at least the 5 minute version of my routine.

It could be as simple as parking further away from work and walking a few extra blocks to or from work every day. The accumulative effect of this simple practice will resound all through your being!

Or you could use the ‘Shower of Power’ Exercise DAILY .. in the negative-ion rich shower as it suggests.
That will change and uplift your life when done daily .. the longer, the better.


Write out on a bedside pad SEVEN things that you are grateful for before you start your day ..  Even it they are in shorthand, cyptic notes.


Join an exercise group!

It is a medium level of challenge and a fantastic way to start your day, a couple of times a week.  Your self esteem will rocket up and you will gain forgotten (or never before experienced) levels of confidence in your walk and your every mom=vement!

Above all, be happy!


Denis of Oz

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