(A higher octave batch created specially on the Libra Full Moon to capture the potency of the Libran ‘Air’ qualities … and more.)

Libra is about Partnership and Relationships of all kinds including the one with your higher self.

Harmony and Resonance is all about the closeness and intimacy (in-to-me-see) that longer term partnerships thrive on … when people know each other SO well that they could finish each others sentences. Our latest version of Harmony and Resonance (HR) encourages an even more enhanced attunement for the soul … providing a harmonization that is often rare and unique in relationships these days.

PLEASE NOTE: We only sell H&R to previous users of our Ormus batches who have already risen vibrationally to it’s potential, or else its sublime qualities may not be fully realised. If you are a recent customer, you can order Harmony and Resonance now as a single bottle, or as part of the Family Pack as the 3rd bottle to take. We have even received some special gifts from our most appreciative users of H&R … (these gifts are always appreciated, but definitely not required).

HARMONY and RESONANCE lifts experienced Ormus users to an even higher octave of Perception and Grace.

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