Tools to Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

It’s well known that when you have a high vibrational frequency you not only raise the level of your consciousness and awareness, but also your life experiences.

Here are two free tools to help you bring better life experiences into manifestation.

1. Shower of Power Chart

2012_shower-of-power_rainbow-copy-212x300The Shower of Power is an exercise which uses a series of simple consciousness elevating statements that, used in a particular order has shown over many years to radically expand and elevate your level of consciousness and inner happiness — in MINUTES!

Yes, it does wear off when you do go back to your old thought patterns, and we admit, it IS a temporary fix. But scientific research proves that any new habit takes around 30 days in order to create new neuro-connectors in the brain, so YOU might like to opt to uplift your life on a more permanent basis and use these empowering statements daily, just like we do.

Register to download the Shower of Power Chart to laminate and place in your shower, with our kindest wishes. (You’ll also receive our Ormus Manifestation Ebook filled with information on using Ormus to raise your vibrational frequency).




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2. Ormus Manifestation Ebook

brochureLearn all about your abilities for instant manifestation with the Ormus Magical Mystery Tour experience. Discover the f

doorway between spirit and matter and how you can use Ormus to:

  • Dramatically increase your manifestation powers
  • Lead you into higher spiritual awakening experiences
  • Experience other dimensions of existence
  • Heighten your psychic powers of awareness
  • Gain greater happiness or anything you program your Ormus to manifest for you

Register to receive this booklet plus the above Shower of Power Chart and begin your journey to a more elevated spiritual life experience.

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