How To Enrich Each Batch Of Ormus

Each batch of Ormus that I make is thoughtfully enriched and enhanced with various natural processes, energy vortexes, power symbols, incantations and sound.

A profoundly powerful, deep egg-bottomed crystal singing bowl, purchased from Don Tolman (called a Crystal Carrillon) is used to process and ‘Vibe’ the Ormus in.

There are also some very specific requests, commands, incantations and instructions for programming or imprinting which are are exclusively applied to each batch.

I am almost ALWAYS talking to … giving ‘Instructions’ to the Ormus … telling it what its purpose is, what its attributes are, what its effects are, how people are to experience it, and how it will enhance their life.

Ormus is made after ‘lights out’ for my neighbors, so the ‘psychic airwaves’ are clearer, and processing is almost always done on the corresponding full Moons with the commands aligned to the classic astrological themes of that month’s full moon. I collect the starting ocean water at 2-4am on the night of the Waxing moon just before peak fullness, hence the Astrological connections of each batch.

Ormus Remembers And Encompasses EVERYTHING!

It GETS Who You Are .. your LOC (operating level of consciousness) and delivers that to anyone who has your Ormus. It ‘remembers’ the vibe, the state of the space it’s made in, and the time, the vibration and the thoughts of ANY people present during processing and handling! Ormus gets it ALL! Hence the need to create a supremely ‘sacred space’ to make and process your own Ormus!

The enhancing power of music and ‘spirit singing’ is used amongst all the OTHER influences that the newly birthing Ormus is exposed to. Specific TYPES of music are chosen according to the THEME of the batch that is being created.

Yes, MUSIC is a part of it. But remember Ormus is, (in my humble opinion) a Sacred Substance and ‘Delivers’ an amplified Ormus heightened version of ALL influences that is is ‘exposed’ to! To the extent that you commit to making the Ormus making space, time, influences and vibrations a Sacred BirthPlace, the better the results your customers will get. When I stop to think about it, I have actually been training for over three decades to do this.

Altogether This Makes A POTENT Vibrational Mix!

Flower essences that are allied to each Ormus theme are then added which are made by Christiana (see her in the sidebar to the right), then it all gets a special treatment to eliminate any organisms to provide further enhancement. There is some more stuff I will go into some time soon that benefits an even stronger ‘imprinted’ Sacred Substance!

To add even more potency to the mix, the Ormus batches are made under a purposefully built ‘POWER PYRAMID’ (which is too powerful to leave it up for long .. because the ‘subtle energies’ become decidedly pronounced and cause extreme behaviour in visitors and even myself).

This Ormus gets the LOT! It KNOWS what it is about and is quite distinct in its programming from my other batches! Each batch is vibrationally QUITE different, which is why I ask my customers NOT to mix or ‘interweave’ the batches .. to take one batch for a few weeks at a time when people buy more than one batch .. and MOST of the customers do.

WHO YOU ARE as an evolved being is central to a fine Ormus. And making Ormus, month in, month out for years will give Ormus itself the ability to ‘Train’ you! Ormus WILL speak to you and tell you what it wants! As I expressed, Ormus acts as if it is sentient and will ‘tell’ you stuff. You may have even heard that on the Ormus forums before … and you will experience it for yourself by having a good Ormus in your life … it WILL ‘Speak to you’ … so let the uplifting messages you are getting ‘land’ in your consciousness and act on them.

Ok, there’s my 2c worth today!
I SO love the ‘Magical Mystery Tour’ that is the Ormus journey!
The longer that you have Ormus daily, the BETTER your life will get!
Across ALL the dimensions it seems!

If you want to know the answer to the question about Ormus and ‘happenstance’ … the answer is YES!! The Ormus DOES make connections to the formerly unseen … the formerly unsuspected, the formerly unbelievable!

Blessings and enjoy the Ormus Adventure … sometimes a bit subtle at first, just stay with it and you will turn into a person that you won’t believe .. in a really good way!

Denis of Oz

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