Can you believe we’re in February already? That went fast. Do you feel you started the year on the right foot, heading in the right direction on what you’re supposed to be doing? Or are you feeling a bit behind the eight ball in need of clear direction for your life?

Nicola-Grace-Life-PurposeI want to introduce a great friend of mine for over twenty years now, Nicola Grace, The Mission Mentor. In 2012 she helped over 1,000 people find and monetize their Higher Purpose for being on the planet. But that’s not what is special about her.

She is a three time international best selling author and has survived two types of cancer by moving the cancer consciousness out of her energy field, and hence her body.

But that’s still not what is unique about her. In 2006 she launched a winning mission strategy that saved the billion dollar natural health industry of New Zealand from being decimated by hostile Government legislation. She managed to defeat the legislation in just six months, after 7 years of failed strategies by the industry itself. She made history and the Industry gave her an award for her successful campaign.

Nicola believes the reason she was successful was because she integrated “Strategy With Spirit” and the Undefeatable Laws of Nature into her campaign; and that she was stepping up to do the very thing she was born to do. She now helps people find, follow and monetize their life purpose so they can live a fulfilling life making money doing what makes their heart sing. This year she is on a mission to help another 1,000 people step into their Higher Purpose:

  • So if you feel you have something to do but you’re not sure what that is; Or
  • You know what you need to do but you feel like you’re being held back;
  • You don’t know how your going to achieve your Higher Purpose and personal mission;
  • You’re on purpose but you’re feeling dissatisfied and it’s time to take it up a notch;

Then you’ll want to learn more about Nicola’s Mission Blueprint Online Home Study Course. It’s the perfect compliment for those of you taking the Self Regeneration Ormus, as it will guide you through finding your precise Higher Purpose and help you with practical steps on how to get there, plus you’ll develop a whole lot of really cool abilities as well.

Nicola’s offering a very generous discount, plus a free one-on-one mentoring session with her, for all my customers who register for her program today. Here’s the link to learn more about the offer. You’ll want to take a moment to view it now, because the value here is so great, you wont’ want to miss out on what she has to offer you.

In Mission Blueprint you will:

Gain a deeper connection to your Self and Mission Blueprint (Your Soul’s Grand Plan For Your Best Life), so you can have clarity knowing what that plan is.

  • Attain clarity on how to do what you’re here to do.
  • Build confidence in yourself knowing you can do this thing you were born to do.
  • Learn how to find blocks, sabotage patterns and internal limiters, PLUS learn how to remove them.
  • Discover how to believe in yourself and build a Matrix of Magnetic Beliefs that will magnetize to you the people, places, events and resources you need to get ahead, creating even greater belief in yourself.
  • Develop your Heart Soul Connection so you can build trust in your own inner guidance system, and gain access to your Soul’s Mission Blueprint.
  • Write your Life Path Plan including your Vision, Mission and Purpose statements… and more

Here’s the link to get all the detail now.

I hope you decide to take up the wondering opportunity with a dear friend of mine, knowing her personally I can tell you she brings a lot of knowledge, insight and transformative experiences to the table, you’ll be glad you decided to join her in Mission Blueprint program.

Denis of Oz

Mission-Bluprint-300(PS) Nicola has a special discount on the program for my Ormus customers plus some great bonus gifts you’ll want to make use of.

So if you want more clarity on what you’ve come to this planet to do; how you can achieve what that Higher Purpose is; and how to systematically remove blocks, obstacles, limiting beliefs, vows and sabotage patterns from your consciousness; so you can feel completely content, happy and satisfied you are fulfilling the greater meaning in your life; take a look at Nicola’s program and get the special Ormus Customer discount and bonuses, visit this link here now while it’s fresh in your mind: