IDEAL SOUL MATE and Partnership Ormus Elixir

As love is regarded as the highest form of communication and spiritual existence, the Ideal Soul Mate Ormus Elixir (SM) is dedicated to the coming together in love, connection and union of  ideal partners and soul mates in the evolution of their sweetest loving partnership and beneficial alliance.

Gemini Full Moon imageCreated specially on the Gemini Full Moon to capture the full potency of the Gemini ‘Air’ energies of Connection. Gemini (represented by the Twins) is about ‘communication’, connection, sharing, mutual attention, partnership, playmates, consorts, associates, soul twins, enterprise partners, collaborators, allies, ‘best mates’, great buddies, fun, association and love.
And travel .. and trade .. and touching the unknown.

Made from Pristine ‘Cleanest Beach in Australia award’, South Currumbin ocean water, harvested at 4am on the Waxing (Male/coming on) Full Moon and mixed with West Australian Gold Lake Salt, and processed on the Waning (Female/diminishing  receptive side) Full Moon in a large Crystal Singing Bowl, the SM Ormus captures the Higher Dimensional (Divine) Energies that joined us for the making of this specially Intended and Dedicated Elixir.

It has been shown to increase the users attractiveness and receptivity to love, affection, inner happiness and the ‘special something’ that people around them find so attractive to be with.

Steve, from Hobart in Tasmania said, “People just want to be close to me and daily, woman are making passes at me. I am getting more invitations to parties now than I have time to attend… and as a 39 year old single guy… well, Life is FANTASTIC!”

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