The Innovation and Renewal (IR) Ormus helps amplify your power of self revinvention. It is the passport to the new you for 2016.
All inanimate things in our world like your car, home, clothes, land, food, even the Experiences like your pleasure, your travel … they ALL have NO WILL or INTENTION!

Only YOU, the Living Being can INTEND things that you will bring into your Experience!
Your Will and Intention Manifestation comes from Your Spirit Essence directing your Mind and Focus to “Bring things (or experiences) into Existence”.
The IR* New Moon-10Ormus Elixir EMPOWERS your Intention and your Will!  IR

Innovation and Renewal was made on the Sagittarian New Moon in December to be taken up to and through the Chinese New Year,  which is on February the 8th in 2016..
Innovation is the quality of Aquarius and the Aquarian New Moon represents visionary and reinvention.
The New Moon that we made the IR* on, the Sagittarian New Moon is incredibly Optimistic and all about RENEWAL and “Having Another GO”.
So Capture these two ‘Energies” and ‘Self Renew’ for New Year and Chinese New Year of 2016!

This is going to be a BREAKTHROUGH YEAR!   Make the ‘ breakthough’ Energies WORK FOR YOUTOO!
Here are your choices for this highly charged Optimistic Sagittarius New Year Ormus.

Option #1 – 2 x 500 ml Bottles $177

Save $17

  • 2 x 500 ml bottle of ‘Innovation and Renewal’ (IR)  (Bonus Pack Equivalent .. guaranteed)
  • FREE **DreamTime© 25ml (Ormus by proximity) under pillow bottle: ( DT)  PLUS One Free dropper included.
  • 4-8  months supply (depending on right-for-you ‘ dosage daily.)
  • “Your Happiness or Your Money Back Guarantee is on all our Soul and Bonus Packs – Pack completion guarantee.”

Option #2 – 1 x 500 ml Bottle $97

  • 500 ml bottle of ‘Innovation and Renewal’ (IR)
  • 2-4  months supply (depending on right-for-you ‘ dosage daily.)
  • Free Dropper included

Option #3 – 1 x 200 ml Bottle $47

  • 200 ml bottle of ‘Innovation and Renewal’ (IR)
  • 4-8 weeks  supply (depending on right-for-you ‘ dosage daily.)
    Dropper included

Click in the Bottle Size box below to choose options and pricing.

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