Mother of Abundance Increases Financial Abundance

manifesting financial abundanceWell, for those of you who have doubted the powerful stories of manifesting financial abundance with the ‘Mother of Abundance’ Ormus .. have a read of THIS Instant Message I just got from one of my UK Ormus customers.. ..

“Well Denis. I have to admit. Sometimes the Rah Rah Rah about your ORMUS sounds a bit too good to be true.
H o w e v e r r r r r…

The request for exorbitant Customs fees came in Friday morning’s mail. I was fuming.
But .. I never thought of NOT paying it though for several reasons:

1) Your own generosity in the high price the Australian postal service charged you was never requested back by you. (I was astounded by that!) So I did not think it would be right for me to question paying about half what you had already gladly spent to get this to me.

2) I already know you have always had a good product so I was willing to pay whatever was necessary to get YOUR Ormus. LOL

When you said “Fortunately, the Mother of Abundance batch will get it all back for you!”
In the back of my mind I must admit, I thought you were exaggerating just a teeny bit but I vowed to shut my doubts until I could see how it went.

Ok, this is what happened next. Within 6 hours of the morning arrival of official Postal Authorities announcing the ORMUS was here and waiting to come to the house I received a bank statement of several thousand British Pounds Sterling having just been deposited into our account that we had absolutely no knowledge or expectation of. Thought I was going to flip out! haha

next surprise…

I went to the computer to pay the customs charge by debit and within an hour (!) I got a letter in the mail that contained exactly twice the previous amount of thousands.

I thought I was going to faint ! I had to laugh.

I just sat here with a big stupid grin on my face and thought… uh-huh… I thought so, the MA Ormus didn’t even have to be in the HOUSE yet… just in the CITY!!!!

Well. I am completely convinced. Mother of Abundance is JUST THAT !!!

I can’t wait — it will be delivered to us in the morning and I might just swallow the whole bottle at once… on my way to buy a lottery ticket of course!!!

Bless your cotton socks for your generosity in sending it despite YOUR high postage price in the first place. THANK YOU DENIS. This is some pretty amazing ORMUS. And you can print that!! HAHA

With amazement in my eyes and money in my bank,
Life, Love, and LIGHT!”


Mother of Abundance Customer

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