Ormus And Multidimensionality

Leonie of Cooma NSW, sent me a rave about her experiences. I am posting them here to illustrate the power and potential of Ormus  for waking up the multidimensional aspects of our multiple ‘selves’ and what some call ‘angels’.

“Denis of Oz’s Ormus is POTENT! From the first dose of a mere ½ teaspoon of the Mother of Abundance Ormus, I found myself waking up that evening, within my dream, and becoming joyfully aware that I was totally connected and at one with my higher self, in my heavenly sanctuary…
Quite literally, Ormus has further opened the channel between my physical self and my higher self and with great ease has also strengthened my connection to my Angels! I always look forward to bedtime, knowing with great joy that I will connect and integrate with my higher self and divinity, where I am always in a loving space and can learn anything I wish to learn! All I must do is state my purpose with gratitude, as I take my dose of Ormus.

Denis’s Ormus inspires me and enables me to be the best person I can be and to positively manifest what I want in my life. In simple terms, Denis’s Ormus is the vibration of universal love that enables people to access their divinity on Earth.

If you want to vibrate with the harmony of universal love, get some of Denis’s Ormus!

With love and light,

Leonie, Cooma NSW, Australia – January 2012″

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