Ormus And The Kundalini Awakening

Ormus customers have unique experiences according to their intention, consciousness and awakening timetable – even Kundalini Awakenings. Here’s a story of one customer’s Kundalini Awakening experience.

“Dear Denis,

Hope this finds you well.

I had an incredible Kundalini Awakening yesterday from your Ormus!
I am still a little shaky 12 hours later…
JUST FREAKING INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got your ‘Bonus Pack‘ on June 11th. I started taking it as directed on June 15th.

Now because of my hectic schedule, I did not take it faithfully — I skipped a couple of doses. I have , however, had the dreamtime bottle under my pillow EVERY night. I just thought “no worries, I will start again on Monday faithfully tracking it.”
A spiritual friend suggested I track any changes in my body/mood as a point of reference.

I was driving to get some dinner around 6:00 pm and in the middle of my drive, I started to experience unreal sensations…they slowly crept in over a couple minutes out of nowhere. Now there had been a little rain and the sky was gray and moving…pregnant with possibilities… this ethereal/electric feeling … I enjoy this rather than just a plain rainy day. So I was very present – very mindful.

Then it began. It started with goosebumps all over my body. I was electric and I thought I was having a meltdown (physical exhaustion? mental breakdown?) I didn’t know. I was starting to panic…. thinking I needed to pull over… calm down… settle my body down. If it got worse, I thought I would need to go to the hospital. I didn’t know what was going on, but I have never had goosebumps everywhere!!! I mean everywhere!!!! LOL…

It felt like my physical body/shell could not contain me.

Like my spirit was breaking out from my physical body — my body could not hold my essence –it was too limiting— I felt INFINITE, ONE, DIVINE, OMNIPOTENT, EXPANSIVE AND … INVINSIBLE!!!! There was nothing I could not be, think, recall, become, create …I WAS EVERYTHING…. Holy fuck. I am now tearing up as I write this because there are lingering energies flowing through me this morning…..

My heart chakra felt totally open….my chest wide… Then I felt as if I was having a steady, mild, full body orgasm, my entire body tingling and blissful… OH SO BLISSFUL!!! PURE ANANDA…. NIRVANA My body was vibrating!!!! It felt like I had moved to another level of consciousness.

Then I knew… this was not a heart attack, not a physical breakdown… I was having an incredible, divine, spiritual, out of body experience!!!!!!!!

I was slightly giddy and then I just turned from the panic/fear to riding the wave of love & bliss. I let it take it course and flow through me as it did. It kept flowing for 6 hours. I had come home and settled at my computer… I was searching desperately for an explanation for what this was. I thought “this must be the ormus…I must write Dennis and ask if this is normal!”

And of course, there are no accidents, right? LOL… Dear Mother Father Goddess God…. As I clicked on your web page…. the testimonials scrolled up and I saw it clearly, right there, the first testimonial: “I experienced a Kundalini Awakening with Ormus.” BINGO! That was it! That’s what I knew had happened to me!!!!! I had the same thing – a Kundalini Awakening – how magnificent!!!!

Then I started looking on YouTube for people who had experienced the same to hear their stories….

and wisdom from a beautiful soul:



I feel like my world will never be the same again… in a good way!

By the time I had to go to bed, I couldn’t sleep…so I was conscious to just let the energies flow through and enjoy it, lying awake in bed. This morning I still have some of it, but it has passed by 90%.

And this is the place I wish to cultivate…. the feeling of love, pureness, oneness, I feel like I have shifted and everything is before me, to create as I wish, to enjoy, to love….

How wonderful a thing. I did not think this could be so wonderful, so expansive, so powerful. Not in my wildest dreams.
And the kicker is, I know I only had a taste… that down the line, the experience is far richer, far more than I ever glimpsed and experienced. HOW BEAUTIFUL A UNIVERSE!

I am again tearing up because I am still processing all this. I am feeling a little nauseous over it all… I just think physically my body has been on overdrive and couldn’t take it all and certainly not for 6 hours. I am joining to journal this properly…

Have an incredible day.

Your Ormus, without question, helped open me up to experience this. For that, I say “thank you.” I wish everyone one their own journey such an amazing experience… and many more to come.

We are all ONE.

So, thank you again.

Pax, Margaret


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