Ormus Helped To Release The Negative Issues

Hi Denis, When I placed the order I didn’t sleep for two nights until I received my SPECIAL FAMILY PACK, I totally had ormus in my head and was very excited.

Now I am sleeping really well.

When I picked it up I had some that first night … I did notice my body totally relax, it was lovely, had the best nights sleep. I have the (Love and Appreciation) dream time bottle under my pillow and I’m still sleeping really well.

The next morning one of my negative issues I’ve been trying to deal with (work related) was totally blocked from my thoughts and that lasted for two days (even though I wasn’t working as it was the weekend).

It was hard to remember what the issues were.

I was unable to bring my issues to the fore front of my thoughts, I must say it actually felt good.

Since back at work Monday this has changed and although nervous, (which is not a good place to be), I actually found the courage to start dealing with these issues and I find myself not stressed or worried at all, as if I was to no longer working there … so now I’m going for it, so to speak.

I’m telling my friends.

I have also told a couple of friends about ormus and they are waiting to see how things go for me. I have been taking the 1/2 teaspoon of the Self Regeneration. On Monday I felt like I was shaking within, and it was like a vibration and I knew where that came from.

Thank you so much. I will keep you up to date. Am I doing everything right?

Kind Regards


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