Heaven On Earth Happiness Ormus

The Heaven On Earth / Happiness themed Ormus is specifically programmed to bring forth the experience of happiness at being here on our lovely Earthly home. You can program in your intention to experience heaven on earth in what specific form you would like, and watch how it manifests in your life. Instructions for setting your intention for manifestation in the Ormus water is given with your purchase.

Full Moon-04The richness of happiness and contentment at home and in your ‘world’ grow by the week of having the Ormus.

(HE) is made on the Full Moon in Cancer to capture the full potency of the Cancer ‘Water’ energies. Cancer (The Crab with portable home) is about home, family and feelings.

Option #1 – 2 x 500 ml Bottles $177

Save $17

  • 2 x 500 ml bottle of ‘Heaven on Earth Happiness’ (HE)
  • FREE **DreamTime© 25ml (Ormus by proximity) under pillow bottle: ( DT)
  • 4 months supply
  • “Your Happiness or Your Money Back Guarantee is on all our Soul and Bonus Packs – Pack completion guarantee.”

Option #2 – 1 x 500 ml Bottle $97

  • 500 ml bottle of ‘Heaven on Earth Happiness’ (HE)
  • 2 months supply

Option #3 – 1 x 200 ml Bottle $47

  • 200 ml bottle of ‘Heaven on Earth Happiness’ (HE)
  • 3 weeks
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Ormus Heaven On Earth/Happiness Testimonials (HE)

“I am convinced of some amazing properties with your Ormus. The first day I was infused with happiness. I slept with the bottle under my bed and got no sleep except for great light shows. And this was just the first couple of days …” Janice, Melbourne

“I am not new to Ormus as I have been taking ormus materials since 2001. Denis’ Ormus is one of the BEST I have ever had. I felt the familiar ormus ‘spin’ in my third eye. Additionally, wonderful uplifting feelings of joy, peace, contentment overcame me after awhile. Very noticeable! Whew, I am impressed. Everything about this Ormus is truly a work of art/heart. I sense that Denis has been ‘chosen’ for his particular configuration to make Ormus to uplift others in a most unique way. Denis as the alchemist, provides such a clear definition, direction and purpose for his Ormus and therefore, for his customers. THANK YOU.” Nancy, Boulder CO USA

If you would like to experience more abundance in your life heaven on hearth and sublime happiness, choose from any of the individual bottles or packages below. You’ll be glad you took action today.

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