Love and Appreciation Ormus

The Love and Appreciation Ormus Elixir is dedicated to the appreciation of the strategies, procedures and logistics that support our ability to nurture and love unconditionally and feel ourselves grow spiritually. This is the quintessential female Ormus elixir which bestows the vibration and resonance of the true receptive appreciative feminine essence.

Hearing testimonials from the many customers who thrive and grow using “Love and Appreciation” amazes us every time. One Darwin man stopped smoking immediately, had great luck with money and people sought him out for career and domestic virgo full moon iconadvancement within the two weeks of taking this Ormus.

Created specially on the Virgo Full Moon to capture the full potency of the Virgo ‘Earth’ energies. Virgo represents structure, systems, and detailed plans.

Option #1 – 2 x 500 ml Bottles $177

Save $17

  • 2 x 500 ml bottle of ‘Love and Appreciation’ (LA)
  • FREE **DreamTime© 25ml (Ormus by proximity) under pillow bottle: ( DT)
  • 4 months supply
  • “Your Happiness or Your Money Back Guarantee is on all our Soul and Bonus Packs – Pack completion guarantee.”

Option #2 – 1 x 500 ml Bottle $97

  • 500 ml bottle of ‘Love and Appreciation’ (LA)
  • 2 months supply

Option #3 – 1 x 200 ml Bottle $47

  • 200 ml bottle of ‘Love and Appreciation’ (LA)
  • 3 weeks
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Ormus Love And Appreciation Testimonials

"I cannot thank you enough. Since receiving the 500ml bottle of Elixir of Life Ormus’’. so many things have occurred that have made my life better.
  • Firstly, I have not even considered smoking since the first day that I began taking “Elixir of Life”. [LA]
  • I have received three offers of employment that are better than the one I’m in now.
  • I have had great difficulty obtaining accommodation other than motels here in Darwin in the eight months that I have lived here. In the three weeks I have been using “Elixir of Life” I have been offered two units at reasonable rents in Darwin itself.
  • Last Friday when I flew back in to Darwin, I checked my tattslotto ticket and was delighted to find that I have won $650.00.
  • Two weeks ago, I got out of bed and without thinking got down and did ten push ups. This has increased to fifty twice a day. I have not exercised in ten years. I find myself enjoying these little workouts, and my body is already firming up, and looking better.
  • This break I have been to the casino twice, each time winning more than $500.00. I rarely gambled but lately I have been just feeling LUCKY.
  • I am sleeping better, feeling healthier and thinking clearer than I have in many years.
  • All thanks to you and your wonderful product. Elixir of Life: Ormus is truly a life changing substance."
Sincerely yours”. Peter Anderson

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