It honestly felt like all the cells in my body jumped awake. They were buzzing to be alive and it was as if they were responding to a higher power calling “Aaaaa-ten-tion” … The truth is – this product is powerful and certainly does call for our attention. It is apparent we give Ormus the time and respect it deserves.

Myra Van Every

Almost immediately after taking the Mother of Abundance Ormus, I saw significant changes in me and in my life. I secured contracts and things turned financially within days! If anyone wants more abundance in their life, this Mother will do it!

Dr D., Gold Coast Queensland

After two applications of mother of abundance ormus to our large garden, it is looking more lush and vibrant with lots of new growth. We have also noticed that more birds and insects (bee’s, wasps, dragon fly’s etc) have been attracted to our garden and the overall vibe is much more happier and relaxed.

Brett & Britte Queensland

Since I have been using the elixir of life I have had more energy, a lot less stress, more relaxed with more drive and motivation. It has changed my life for the better. I have found that I am eating healthier and sleeping better, rekindled my love of reading again, exercising a lot more and am generally a lot happier.

Kate Williams of Adelaide

When you had told me that my world wouldn’t be the same afterwards. I scoffed. The lack of stress, increased focus, some financial success – all happened after sleeping with your Ormus under my pillow. Was it magic? I can’t be sure, but with a healthy lack of skepticism, I’m now an Ormus fan. It has indeed changed my life.

Corey Gold Coast

Wow… Talk about proximity…what a vibration that small bottle has … it pulsates!!! Thanks I am feeling great and rather focused and less stressed, less worry, and seem to be opening more in my heart and third eye. Connection, Love and Light.


Denis, you have made the most viable imprinted ORMUS I have ever experienced. I think the reason that people tend to see ‘beings of light’ after being influenced by your ORMUS is that you channel this energy. Excellent work and dedication! I am so pleased you have allowed others to have these experiences by following your destiny.


Two weeks ago, I got out of bed and without thinking got down and did ten push ups. This has increased to fifty twice a day. I have not exercised in ten years. I find myself enjoying these little workouts, and my body is already firming up, and looking better. Ormus is truly a life changing substance.

Peter Anderson

I have gotten comfortable with a level of steady communication with Denis’ of Oz ORMUS. It talks to me. I literally hear it now. It took me a couple of weeks to realize what the little voice I was hearing was, but I know now; and I respect it.

Mickey Corfu, GREECE

I have been taking Denis of Oz’s Ormus which I have found to have kundalini stimulation properties and 3rd eye awakening effects and I am also feeling a bliss sensation.

Jita Birmingham UK