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Mother Of Abundance Ormus Water | Ormus Gold

The Mother of Abundance Ormus Water has a specifically ‘Abundance’ and ‘Money’ focus. Abundance occurs on all levels; the inner levels of emotional, mental and spiritual as well as outer resources relating to the physical and material world. These usually lead to MANY other experiences of ‘Having Enough’ in all areas of life – a contentment with “what is”.

We get reports weekly of people who have had significant jumps in income from unexpected sources since taking Ormus. Sammy in Melbourne was amazed at the ways that money came to her .. including the ATO send her many thousands in unexpected ‘refund’ moneys that were not warranted.

(Created on the Full Moon to capture the full potency of the Taurus ‘Earth’ energies). Taurus is all about ‘Having’.

Ormus Mother of Abundance Testimonial

“Denis, since starting your Mother of Abundance Ormus, I am now earning anywhere between $1-3k extra per month. I am still a newbies at this. THANK YOU.” Stu, Texas USA


200 ml bottle lasts approx 3 weeks = $50 AUD plus express post $5 (to Australia). Postage to anywhere else in the world = $15 AUD

500 ml bottle lasts approx 2 months = $95 AUD post $5 (to Australia). Postage to anywhere else in the world = $15 AUD


Two 500ml bottles – (lasts approx 4 months) – a SAVING Of $20 PLUS a FREE DreamTime* (under pillow) bottle incl Express Postage in Australia ONLY = $180

*DreamTime – Corey, a skeptical, stressed business colleague reported amazement that his income, freedom, health, sports ability and blood pressure all improved in TWO weeks just by having the DreamTime bottle under his pillow.

Founder – Denis of Oz
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