soul-family-packEnhancement of Higher Octave ‘Harmony & Resonance’ – Its all about Family and Harmony.

This Higher Octave, Soul Family Pack with Enhancement of ‘Harmony & Resonance’ (HR) is for beginners and seasoned Ormus consumers alike.  (HR) sweetly connects people at the soul level and is ideal for families to live in harmony.  It is a community/family healing Ormus Elixir that will help you be in tune at the Soul level with the people most valuable to you.

For the kids, the perfect ‘no resistance’ way to get the Ormus vibrational upliftment into them is to put a teaspoon in the salad dressings for the family meal. You will observe the increased Family Harmony and alignment .. sometimes immediately! Watch for it.


For healing, upliftment, the release of old patterns, the rediscovery of your enthusiasm and the celebration of the emergence of your greatest potential +++ vibrational programming focus on Richness, Reward, Abundance and [often] ‘Money’. +++ family harmony, resonance, soulful connection, community and family healing. Use (HR) in your salad dressings at the family meal (an easy way to get Ormus into the kids) to observe the increased Harmony and alignment.  Families who have Ormus long term have the Most Amazingly Creative and Expressive children.

(A side note: ) Ormus taking Pregnant woman and Nursing mothers attract the most wonderful evolved souls as children .. Incoming Souls Choose their Parents is our understanding. Ormus is the BEST Foundation for long term sweetness in the family.

Share With Your Family, Soul Family or Friends For Everyone To Benefit

We’ve chosen to include two of our most popular batches in this “Special Bonus Package”

1. Self Regeneration Ormus

The Self Regeneration (SR) Ormus is our most healing Ormus elixir, for true healing happens at the soul level. This elixir is principally dedicated to resetting the vibration of your self, your soul … with the accent on your higher self and the kind of person that you CAN be as you realise (make real) your highest potential in this life. Self Regeneration customers report a feeling of upliftment, the release of old patterns, the rediscovery of your enthusiasm and the celebration of the emergence of your greatest potential.

Aries Full Moon iconAstrologically, our Self Regeneration Ormus is created on the Aries Full Moon to capture the potency of the Mars ‘Fire’ energies. Aries, as the first sign in the astrological zodiac, is all about your SELF which includes your higher and lower aspects of self, and the realignment with your highest ‘mission and purpose’ this lifetime.


2. Mother of Abundance

The Mother of Abundance Ormus has a specific vibrational programming focus on RichnessRewardAbundance, often represented by money, occurs on all levels; the inner levels of emotional, mental and spiritual as well as outer resources relating to the physical and material world. These usually lead to MANY other experiences of ‘Having More than Enough’ in all areas of life – a contentment with “what is”, and a sense of ‘My cup runneth over’.

Taurus Full Moon imageTaurus is all about ‘Having’. Created on the Taurus Full Moon to capture the full potency of the Taurus ‘Earth’ energies.

We get reports weekly of people who have had significant jumps in reward and income from unexpected sources since taking Mother of Abundance Ormus. Sammy in Melbourne was amazed at the ways that money came to her … including the ATO sending her many thousands in unexpected ‘refund’ monies that were not warranted.

3. Harmony and Resonance

Full Moon-09Harmony and Resonance, (HR) one of our 2nd Octave Elixirs, is designed to be taken in the third (and 6th) month of this 6 month program. (For 1 person)

HR is made on the ‘Family and Community Fairness’ oriented Venus ruled Libran Full Moon, most associated with the notion of Justice, Beauty, Harmony and Artistry.

dreamtime-bottle2-300x2054. FREE Heaven on Earth Happiness Ormus by Proximity Under Pillow

The Heaven On Earth / Happiness themed Ormus is specifically programmed to bring forth the experience of happiness at being here on our lovely Earthly home. You can program in your intention to experience heaven on earth in what specific form you would like, and watch how it manifests in your life. Instructions for setting your intention for manifestation in the Ormus water is given with your purchase. Place under your pillow to receive the vibration of this heavenly themed Ormus.

Full Moon-04The richness of happiness and contentment at home and in your ‘world’ grow by the week of having the Ormus.

(HE) is made on the Full Moon in Cancer to capture the full potency of the Cancer ‘Water’ energies. Cancer (The Crab with portable home) is about home, family and feelings.

Included in the Soul Family Pack Special are 2 of our most popular batches of our Ormus Water:

  • 500 ml bottle of ‘Self Regeneration’ (SR)
  • 500 ml bottle of ‘Mother Of Abundance’ (MA)
  • 500 ml bottle of ’2nd Octave’ Harmony & Resonance (HR)
  • FREE **DreamTime© 25ml (Ormus by proximity) under pillow bottle: ( DT)
  • FREE ‘Space of Grace’© 50ml (Ormus Space Clearing Spray): (SG)
  • FREE ‘SHOWER of POWER’© Immediate Consciousness Uplift Exercise (laminated with instructions) (SP)
  • Lasts ONE person 6 months supply and TWO people 3 months supply. (Longer for “Sensitives or Empaths” who need to take a lot LESS every day .. see instructions)
  • “Your Happiness or Your Money Back Guarantee is on all our Soul and Bonus Packs.”

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