Soul Mate ~ The Path of Love Ormus.

QUESTION: “I would love to know how your charging was during the full moon/lunar eclipse! Love & Light ~ MoonWoman”

ANSWER: Hi ‘MoonWoman’ .. I was almost giddy with the power of that day. It was rich and amazing to experience! It was the kind of day that I have longed for for eons!

I had to take several breaks with Isabel my assistant and finished the day watching the eclipse COMPLETELY richly blissed up to my eyeballs! I finished the batch the next morning as the Solstice was changing the Moon/Sun over into Cancer/Capricorn. It was SUCH a joy to make that batch!

We tapped into (raise eyebrows now please) the deep rich joy and love of the coming Golden Age of Light and Love and pulled it backward in time into this Ormus batch.

Yes, such a thing IS possible, because we DID IT!   MUCH bliss was experienced.

Denis of Oz

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