Stunned by the Potency Of Your Ormus

“The Ormus is Bubbly, Moving and Alive”

Ormus Potency! An Amazing Rave!

Mickey from the UK just posted this to my wall!

My friends said that they could not SEE IT!

So I repost it here!

“Hi Denis – I am so STUNNED by the POTENCY of the ORMUS you make. I showed a friend a bottle of your Ormus last night just so she could see what it looks like. She immediately said “Oh now I realize how you can say it is “Alive” because I can feel something in here… it’s so… BUBBLY, MOVING, uh ALIVE you know?” I was just shocked because my last order from you was OVER 4 YEARS AGO !!

I thought ORMUS was only potent or viable about 3-6 months! I can hardly believe it is still sitting in there waiting for me to use it after so long… I am just astounded! LOLOL But then how silly of me to be surprised at ANYTHING YOU do/accomplish/create! haha

I thought I was maybe ‘feeling something tingly hit me in the solar plexus chakra” when I picked up the bottle only because I have taken Ormus before. I thought, OH-Maybe it’s always there a little after you have ever taken it. But this friend visiting me had never even heard of it and looked askance when I began my explanation with the words: “now understand that this stuff has consciousness” !! Your ORMUS, like you Denis, is simply amazing.

Thank goodness you don’t just keep your ORMUS for yourself!! Love and Light dear friend! Mickey, UK”

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