The Power of Your Imagination MAGNIFIED by “Liquid Intention”

Just in Time to Amplify Your New Years Renewal

newyearsresolutionThe New Year has always been associated with RENEWAL! So,  here is an Elixir of Total ReInvention and ReDiscovery of Self.  Its YOUR  ‘New Years Resolution’ in a Bottle …

Ever since the groundbreaking Japanese scientist Dr Masuro Emoto discovered that Water has the Power to Transmit Information, we at  have been bringing that Power to our Ormus, for your benefit and happiness. We do this in accordance with the Ancient Understandings of Astrology and the Material Magic of the ancient Alchemists to create Elixirs for our clients empowerment.

So with this Intention in mind, we produced an ELIXIR of  LIQUID INTENTION for Renewal and Originality on the New Moon last month, on a time of great omens for the ‘New You’ in 2014!

It is aptly named: “INNOVATION & RENEWAL” (IR)

THIS  is the ‘Elixir of Intention’ that is available only UP TO and THROUGH the New Year.

Already we have reports from early adopters that this remarkable Elixir is changing people’s lives, and 2014 is not even here yet!

Remember, ALL MATTER  (Cars, Food, Houses, Clothes etc) is INERT! It is only our MINDS and INTENTION that have POWER!

We say “Activate that Power” and Accelerate the Manifestation of your Intentions with our Elixir of “Innovation and Renewal”.

We have TWO Special New Year’s Resolution Offers for you:

Option 1/ Get it Free!

We are giving a 3  week bottle of Innovation and Renewal with every  Soul  Mystic Pack . We have extended this offer until the end of February!

PLUS get an additional Three Free Ormus Gifts for your upliftment and expansion.
The IR bottle is the 4th gift and extends the Ormus taking period to nearly 7 months of progressive evolution.
We have many reports of Peace and Clarity that our customers have had with this package.

Learn More about the Christmas / New Year Special offer for the Soul of the Mystic Pack Here


Option 2/ Get a Two bottle pack as this is a First Octave batch that we DO sell to ‘First Timers’ as an Entry Level Ormus.

PLUS you get a Special Bonus Pack deal of a FREE  ‘Ormus-by-proximity’ under pillow bottle.

Learn More About the Innovation and Renewal Special Offer Here


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