Triumph And Exultation Ormus

Our Triumph and Exultation Ormus captures the feeling of a ‘life well lived’. This very male orientated batch stimulates that feeling of joy and success that comes with experiencing a victory over the limiting circumstances of life.

The sheer joy expressed by people who experience this passionate batch is wonderful to witness. When I gave Bill his first bottle, (without knowing the batch name) he loudly and triumphantly told his wife that he had the best batch ever!

(Created specially on the Full Moon to capture the full potency of the Leo ‘Fire’ energies)

Leo represents sovereignty, being on show, leadership and deserving everything that life has to offer.


Ormus Triumph And Exultation Testimonials

“After getting your Ormus, my path became clear to me. The inspiration, people and resources came from nowhere to furnish my new direction. I experienced the Ormus as subtle guidance, lending its hand to my intentions.

I am now constantly reminded of my strength to pull what I desire into my life. I feel lighter and less subject to reality… In the last month, my intuition has been really sensitive – often receiving several images a day. My partner has also been taking the  Ormus twice a day and her health, life and business are taking off too. Thank you Denis for the true superfood of the consciousness age.” Brenton, Brisbane




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