What To Look For When You Buy Ormus

There are two types of Ormus, the free stuff found found in the air, soil, plants, stones, and sea and the Ormus superfood products that you buy. This article will focus on what to look for in those Ormus products that you can buy.

Ormus is known for its superconductivity of consciousness, therefore the alchemist making the Ormus and the elements they use will be paramount in your buying decision.

#1 What is the basis of the Ormus product?

Ormus is most abundant in an unradiated ocean, so it stands to reason a purified ocean water based Ormus product will have greater superconductivity of your intentions. Therefore, you’ll find ocean water based products easier to program with your intention for manifestion.

# 2 Is the water used to make the Ormus high vibration?

There are different times in the cycle of the moon that supercharge the ocean water with that extra energy and light. So look for Ormus products that use water gathered during the precise waxing of the full moon. Depending on what it is you want to manifest, will depend on which full moon will have the best charge to conduct your intention. For example, a Gemini moon carriers extra charged energy and light to help with the manifestation of your love soul mate, while the Taurian full moon being about havingness is good for manifesting abundance.

Ormus made with Astrological and Pyramid energies increase the vibrational frequency of the intention placed in the Ormus. So your vibrational frequency should also increase when you take the product.

# 3 Does the Ormus contain vibrational empowerment?

There are a number of spiritual practices and ceremonies that can empower the Ormus making process with ‘extra’ vibrational frequencies. Crystal singing bowls, sacred chants, Solfreggio tone energies and certain classical and opera music contain frequencies that empower the Ormus. A good Ormus product can often be felt in proximity without needing to ingest it. Of course when you do ingest the product you get those potent empowered vibrations all enhancing the quickening of manifesting your dreams.

#4 What is the Consciousness level of your Alchemist?

This is perhaps one of the most important factors to look for when you buy Ormus. Is your alchemist of a higher consciousness or just on a money making venture? Is your Ormus alchemist serious about the raising of the vibrational frequency and consciousness of humanity and have they demonstrated a life of personal transformation in their own lives. All these factors will determine how effective your Ormus will be in programming it with your intention and manifesting your goals.

When you find all four factors together when looking to buy Ormus, what that means to you is that you can have a vibrational assist to aid you in getting a particular results in your life that you wouldn’t have if you purchased your product without the above four factors considered.


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