A Pinnacle of Mystery – The Pinnacle Ormus Experience

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Beyond the ordinary .. to a Sublime, Divinely charged Ormus Theme ..

Hello to all of my Ormus Brothers and Sisters on this Fine day..

Ormus Pinacle MysteryFor 3 years I have been wanting to make a themed Ormus Elixir that could capture the sublime energies of the most elevated frequency that any of us can experience … The Vibration of the Sublime Spiritual Eternity, The Endless Mystery of life, the Peace Beyond Understanding.

For three years on the Pisces Full Moon “Something” always seemed to ‘come up’ that prevented it!

It was as if I was ‘not allowed’ to make this advanced theme yet.  And since it is the Piscean vibration (astrologically), that encompasses these rarefied frequencies, the opportunity comes only once a year.  And I kept ‘missing the moment’!

This last September 19th, the timing was auspicious and right!  The Full Moon was gleaming and the conditions were perfect.

As I was preparing to my next themed batch of Ormus, I was trying to guess the theme, nature and name for  this batch. Guessing is a futile exercise, because I am always ‘informed’ of all these IN the actual processing ceremony by the Higher Dimensional Beings who make their Presence felt at Ormus time here in Currumbin, SE Queensland.

As I have reported in the past, we often are joined in our Ormus ceremonies by Higher Dimensional Beings who ‘download’ their ‘Energies’, vibrational richness and spiritual evolution into the themed Elixirs that we make, witnessed often by Sal and Donna, our guest clairvoyant assistants who can ‘See’ the nature and status of the extraordinary Presences that join us.

On this night, the air was THICK with ‘Incoming’ Angels, Saints, Sages, Ascended Masters, Divine Beings of every kind! The ALL seemed to ‘want in’ or to ‘be in on’ this fabulous rarefied  time and new Ormus theme making . .. even though I did not know the name of yet.

Speaking of ‘not knowing’ .. I am ‘Clair Sentient’, meaning that I can FEEL these Presences as they arrive, but I cannot SEE them and identify them.  But I can DOWSE on who and how many there were here, so I did.

Joined by Divine Beings

I was surprised to ‘get’ that we had a total of 24 Divine Beings, including 3 Ascended Masters and 14 Archangels.

I made a cup of tea to sit down and absorb these extraordinary’ Energies’ .. Feeling humbled and elated that such DIVINE PRESENCES would ‘show up’ to this Ormus making … I have not felt so enriched and spiritually ‘given to’ since the ‘Destiny of Love Ormus’ theme that happened in May this year.  (See Happiness Express May)

Themed Ormus

So, that set my mind wondering:  This Themed Ormus must be VERY SPECIAL indeed, for all these presences to be here for its birth.  As I started the precipitation process in my big egg bottomed crystal carrilon singing bowl of our ‘pre-Ormus’ liquid, messages and impressions kept coming to me.

So, I spoke these into the emerging Ormus as I stirred and spoke and stirred and spoke and stirred, and as usually happens, the Presence’s informed me what the nature, reason and purpose of this Ormus was: It was about to widen the ‘Doors of Perception’ for anyone that had it daily, and that this Ormus was about experiencing the true mysteries of existence.

As I continued, more was revealed. I got to ‘see’ and ‘hear’ that this themed Ormus would allow its users to transcend their normal limitations  and regain the seeing, knowing and experiencing of the deep inner mysteries that only the Mystics, Saints, Sages and the Angels would experience.

That this Ormus was like a “Liquid Third Eye”!

THEN .. I was finally given the name of this theme:

The Eye of The Mystic!

Since this “Eye of the Mystic” making event, I have been getting some feedback from my inside circle clients about their experience with this themed ‘Eye of The Mystic’ Piscean Moon batch.

Troy, a local Medical Intuitive and Psychic Healer, said that more than any themed Ormus he has ever had, this one elevated him and yet revealed his secret fears which he proceeded to resolve and heal.  He confirmed to me its special powers of healing and perception change..

The ‘Eye of The Mystic’ seems like potent medicine .. and is one of our ‘2nd Octave’ batches that we do not make available to ‘first timers’ but who CAN experience this special ‘Energy’ by getting it as the 3rd bottle in a 6 month pack, called the “Soul Mystic Pack” (with 3 gifts) that is available on our website now.  It is a 6 month pack for people committed to their expansion and evolution .. OR your money back at the end if you are not happy!

How to Get The Eye of the Mystic Themed Ormus

Option One  – For Everyone (Inlcuding frist time Ormus users)

6 month pack, called the “Soul Mystic Pack” (with 3 gifts) The bonus packs also have a money back guarantee!

BONUSES:  (FREE Gifts..)

Our ‘Soul Packs’ now include 3 unique and valuable gifts as bonuses: We are not selling these items singly …

  • Gift 1/ The DreamTime ‘Love and Appreciation’ under-pillow bottle for ‘Ormus-by-proximity’ .. And
  • Gift 2/ A 50ml Instant Ormus Topical Spray called the “Space of Grace” and
  • Gift 3/ The ‘Shower of Power’ Intentional Consciousness Uplift  Exercise, (laminated with instructions) to go inside your shower to uplift and supercharge your ‘Levels of Consciousness’ at the start to your day .. In the SHOWER!You will ‘calibrate’ (measure) higher up the consciousness scale immediately after you do this exercise. You can check ..  If you can test of dowse for yourself.

Click here to view everything you get with the Soul Mystic Pack.

Option Two (For regular customers only)

Or, as a regular, you can get it as a ‘Mystic Bonus pack’ of Self Regeneration (SR)  Mk4 and the ‘Eye of the Mystic” (EM) at the discounted Bonus pack price with free Dreamtime gift. .. please email me and I will send you a money request for it .. usually the same day. $177 plus freight.

The bonus packs also have a money back guarantee!


  • Gift 1/ The DreamTime ‘Love and Appreciation’ under-pillow bottle for ‘Ormus-by-proximity’

To get this pack .. please email me and I will send you a money request for it .. usually the same day. $177 plus freight.

Option Three (For regular customers only)

If you are a regular customer of ours, you qualify for the “Eye” .. So please email me with the heading “I am a regular and I want the “EYE”  (as a 1 bottle order) to  ‘orders@ormus-alchemy.com’ and I will send you a money request for it .. usually the same day. $97 plus freight.

Blessings for your Ormus ‘Journey of Expansion and Consciousness upliftment.

Ormus is better, when taken for longer!  The longer you have Ormus, the Better that your life gets!

Commit to the ‘Spirit of Ormus’ .. and ‘She’ (They) will commit to YOUR ADVANCEMENT and be ‘On your team’.

Cheers and warm regards,
Denis of Oz

Written By Denis Cooney

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