A Wesak Moon Whoopie! A Potent Full Moon Ormus Report!

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A Wesak Whoopie! A Potent Full Moon Report!

Saturday’s Wesak Moon was AMAZING! On the striking and huge Scorpio Full Moon, we made the newest and most POTENT version of the powerful ‘Transcendence and Liberation’ batch of Ormus. It is the batch of Transcendence! Wesak is the Buddhist celebration of Buddha’s enligtenment which came on the Scorpio Full Moon.

‘Transcendence and Liberation’ or T&L as we abbreviate it, is a remover of obstacles and transcendence of old vows, promises and oaths that are no longer relevant. IE .. Poverty, Chastity and Obedience from religious/ spiritual entrapments in past lives are sometimes STILL ‘running’ in our lives .. right now!

This is one reason why so many spiritually oriented people have such an invisible ‘glass ceiling’ on their incomes or achievements.They made oaths and vows that were languaged ‘eternally’ .. and kept some of us spiritually trapped by the (un) Holy Roman Church!

This is a 2nd Octave Ormus batch that we only sell to previous customers who are ‘current’ with their Ormus taking.

We are about to release a ‘Soul Freedom Pack’ .. a 6 month supply with the T&L (Transcendence & Liberation) batch as the 3rd bottle in the program, after SR (Self Regeneration) and MA (Mother of Abundance) .. and after 6 months of taking this ‘Soul Freedom’ pack you wont even recognise your old self ..

Personally, after completing this batch, I was SO BUZZED that upon testing I found that I had attained my HIGHEST ‘reading’ on the ‘Map of Consciousness’ scale found in the book Power vs Force. My assistant was ALSO completely ‘Buzzed’ and he registered the highest LOC* attainment of all time too. It was PHENOMENAL!!

Besides my personal elation, which has been present all today as well, I was impressed by how POWERFUL the effects of this Ormus batch have been.

I also constructed a new Pyramid downstairs and got a LOT done today .. singing a merry tune!

This testing result showed me that this particular batch is indeed very effective.

The good news is that all people who take it will get empowered to transcend more and more of their obstacles and the ‘Glass Ceiling Effect’ that often prevents us from getting to where we deserve to be. TRANSFORMATION and Transcendence .. the Phoenix from the Ashes.. this ‘Death and Rebirth’ story has always been the Scorpio/Pluto astrological theme. This energy was captured in the compelling Full Moon yesterday.

Ormus works better and better the longer we have it. Especially when we cycle through all the different ‘energies’ of the natural zodiac of our psyche.

Life will NEVER be the same after the ‘Ormus Magical Mystery Tour’!

The ‘Soul Freedom Pack‘ is our latest addition to the tools for the soul evolution that Ormus has always been beckoning us to undertake.

Happiness and fulfillment is the reward for getting on board.

Denis of Oz
*(‘Level of Consciousness’ as calibrated by dowsing on the Power vs Force scale))

PS: We have not made a Scorpio Full Moon batch for 2 years because last year I was presenting at the Ormus-Alchemy convention in the North Georgia Mountains at the ENOTA resort! It was SUCH A BUZZ! Unforgettable!

Written By Denis Cooney

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