Barry Carter and Ormus:

Fascinating Connections

Barry Carter was an extraordinary researcher of rare and precious elements and the incredible power of ORMUS. His research into the mysterious substance, thought to be biblically known as manna, has led to a surge in its popularity as an incredible life-enhancing supplement.

Barry has also explored the power of alchemy and transmutation, attempting to connect monoatomic gold with the fabled Philosopher’s Stone – the Stone of Immortality. With his wealth of knowledge and wisdom on the subject, Barry has helped humanity begin to unlock its full potential and find true health, happiness, and spiritual balance.

This blog post is a tribute to Barry Carter and his extraordinary work in bringing Ormus to the broader populace. It is because of his seminal work that Ormus products are now broadly available to the general public.

One of his great hopes was that this mysterious substance would serve as a conduit for humanity to experience elevated levels of love, peace, harmony and balance.

Barry carter the grandfather of ormus

Although David Hudson may have brought Ormus to prominence in modern culture, for those of us who supply Ormus it is Barry Carter who we have come to know as the grandfather of this amazing substance.

Ormus is a complicated and abstract topic, making it difficult for many people to understand how this mysterious substance operates.

Let’s take a moment to explore and honor Barry Carter’s connection with Ormus and how it’s revolutionizing many people’s lives.

Read about these fascinating connections between Barry Carter’s journey and his exploration of Ormus as a means of understanding the mysteries of Monoatomic Gold and bringing it to the market place.

I, after considerable study on the subject collaboration with Barry went on to form ormus alchemy.

The Ormus Journey Begins


In the mid-1970s, I had the opportunity to meet an inventor called Jim. I worked with him in the mid-1980s, assisting him in the development and marketing of his super ozone generator.

In 1987, as an environmental activist, I started to push Jim to utilise the ozone generated by this generator to assist in the cleanup of different sorts of hazardous trash that I was experiencing on a daily basis.

Using his ozone generator to help clean up hazardous waste water from a gold mine in eastern Oregon, Jim started working on the project in 1989.


While running his generator on this waste water, he became aware of some really weird occurrences that were taking place around him.

A snotty material formed in the settling tank that would “vanish in a flash of light” if dried in the sun, and would “fly away from his hands” if dried in the dark.

In recognition of these characteristics, he labelled the dry powder “fly ash.”

He also noted that a puddle of “water” that emerged beneath the settling tank would travel towards the person who was closest to it at one point in time.

When Jim was accidentally exposed to some of the ozone-activated waste water while working on the mining waste clean-up for many weeks, he developed a strong allergic response to the water.

He was shocked by the water and was forced to release go of the leaky fitting that he was attempting to repair.

A stream of gold fibres sprang out of the backs of his hands as he opened them up a little further.

For many weeks after this incident, he would emit a spark whenever he came into contact with anything. His health began to deteriorate shortly after the accident, prompting him to seek medical attention.

Jim’s blood lead and arsenic levels were four times higher above the fatal threshold, according to the doctor, who performed several tests.

Jim, on the other hand, did not succumb to his illness in two weeks as his doctor had anticipated.

Instead, he started sleeping for 20 or more hours every day for the following 18 months, a pattern that lasted for 18 months.

He was examined by another doctor at the end of that period, and the results revealed that he had half the dangerous amounts of lead and arsenic (metal poisoning) in his blood, which was a significant improvement.

My communication with Jim was disrupted while this was taking place.

Despite my best efforts, I was unable to persuade him to utilise his ozone technology to clean up hazardous waste. Every time I phoned, the people who were caring for him would inform me that he was asleep and could not be bothered.

I believe what they truly meant was that he would be unable to be roused from his sleep.

Eventually, I was able to speak with him, and he informed me of his medical problem, which was caused by toxic quantities of metal in his body.

When I found out that my mother ran a health food shop, I went there and asked her for advice on how to assist the body rid itself of poisonous metals.

In addition, she recommended Hydrogen Peroxide and how to employ peroxide to aid the body’s elimination of lead and arsenic by chelating them out of the body’s system.

After that, I went out and got some of the 35 percent hydrogen peroxide that she advised in it, and gave it to Jim. He brought it home with him and first drank just a few of drops in a glass of water, before increasing his intake.

He became really ill and vomited, but the next day he felt better and decided to do it again.

Every day, after drinking a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in water, he’d feel a bit less unwell, and the following day, he’d feel a lot better.

In 1995, I conducted an audio interview with Jim. Voicing his account of some of the changes that occurred when he began using the peroxide:

“With only one or two dosages, I was able to get rid of the background hallucination – the blue, bluish purple, blue light – that I had been experiencing.

It made me feel ill to my stomach the first time I tried it…I thought I was going to die. The feeling of being very nauseated, bewildered, and so forth. My urine was literally a dark, dark brown; reddish in colour.

I was a little more crimson than usual…but I was not feeling good.”

I was still able to see colour until I began taking hydrogen peroxide, at which point everything became black. The use of hydrogen peroxide caused me to stop seeing colour and hearing auditory hallucinations after around three doses of the chemical.”

Several weeks into using the peroxide, he was feeling well enough to schedule another appointment with the doctor.

In this instance, the doctor stated: “There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. There is no lead or arsenic. Levels that are considered normal. You’re in good shape. It’s not an issue.

What exactly were we worried about?”

After two weeks of consuming the hydrogen peroxide, Jim said that the levels of hazardous metals in his blood had decreased from twice the fatal levels to “very, very low levels.”

However, whatever kept Jim alive for the whole 18-month period of time. Something changed the amounts of dangerous metals from four times the deadly threshold to merely twice the lethal level.

What was it, exactly?

I was completely oblivious to what it was. Jim was completely oblivious to what it was. No one appeared to be aware of what was going on. It had a mystifying quality.

It was frightening because something (most likely the lead and arsenic) was on the verge of killing him. He was growing more and sicker, and then he began to get better for no apparent reason that nobody could figure out.

You couldn’t communicate with him at the period when he was sleeping all of the time since he was nearly unintelligible. He was noticeably absent.”

After he had taken the peroxide, Jim continued to tell me more about his life. Honestly, that was the most wonderful thing I’d ever heard in my whole life.

I was there to see some of the events that occurred before he got his hands into the mine waste water and became “nuked,” as he put it. I was able to see the gold fibres on the backs of his hands, but he didn’t tell me the whole of the tale until much later.

It occurred to me that this wonder substance was similar to the “spice” described in Frank Herbert’s novel Dune, which I had read as a child.

Jim was transformed into a tremendous static electricity generator as a result of this substance, which seemed to do everything: it floated away, vanished in a burst of light, and even disappeared completely.

Something about it kept Jim alive at a time when he should have succumbed to his injuries.

Jim, let’s check into this,” I suggested many times after he gave me the whole tale in 1991. He would say something like this: “In no way, shape, or form do I want anything to do with it. It’s a nightmare.”

Jim, on the other hand, was unwilling to let me investigate this miraculous substance any further.

David Hudson and ORMEs


Once I persuaded Jim to share his story with a few of his friends, I received an email in 1995 from one of them, who shared his story with me and told me about a gentleman named David Hudson who, like Jim, had a substance, extracted from soil, that vanished in a flash of light and floated away from your hands if you reached out for it.

“ORMEs” are magical elements that David Hudson coined, and I immediately contacted Jim and informed him of their existence (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements).

We were both interested in David Hudson’s presentation in Portland, Oregon, in 1995, and we were lucky enough to be able to attend and meet Hudson’s .

However, we opted not to inform him about Jim’s experiences since we believed it would be better if not all of the ORME eggs were not in the same basket at the same time.

Existing structures seemed to be in grave danger from this technology, which appeared to be highly advanced. Hudson’s approach for creating ORMEs was time-consuming and difficult to master.

I was well aware that if we did not devise some more convenient means of obtaining these chemicals, they would likely never become widely used.

Once Jim had a better understanding of the nature of the ORME materials, he no longer felt threatened by them, and he started to experiment with the use of ozone to create them out of metal.

Jim’s ozone approach was effective, but it was time-consuming and required the use of his unique ozone generator in order to function at all. We definitely required some straightforward approaches for getting ORMEs that could be used by anybody.

In order to raise awareness of these materials to a wider audience, I transcribed David Hudson’s Portland talk and posted it on the Internet in January 1996.

This was quickly followed by the transcripts of a couple of more lectures, which had been transcribed with the assistance of others.

Hudson’s presentation in Tampa, Florida, inspired many individuals to form the White Gold Internet forum, which was launched in February 1996 by a group of people who attended the event.

I was one of the first members of this forum, and I presently serve as its moderator. I hope you like it.

The Fountain of Youth, The Biblical Manna, orgone energy, the Philosopher’s Stone, prana, the Ark of the Covenant,  ch’i, the Holy Grail and the Great Pyramid of Giza, were among the ancient references that David Hudson brought up in his lectures as being related to the substances he had been working with.

Despite the fact that David Hudson referred to these materials as ORMEs, I prefer to refer to this kind of matter as “ORMUS” since we are not certain that the materials are really monoatomic elements (molecular structure). Regardless, these were platinum group metals, m-state elements (rhodium, palladium, osmium, etc) that demonstrate anomalous qualities such as levitation and superconductivity that formal science has difficulty analysing.

The name “ORMUS” has a long and illustrious history (ancient alchemists) that is extremely compatible with the substances in question.

These historical allusions to mystery or alchemical compounds indicated that there must be simple and low-tech methods to acquire the ORMUS components, which was confirmed by further research.


Discovering alternate extraction Methods for Ormus


Early in May 1997, I learnt about a guy from the Pacific Northwest who had given a speech at the Ramtha School in Yelm, Washington. I was intrigued. This guy shared with the group some new ORMUS-making skills that he had learned.

This guy was introduced to me by an ORMUS colleague called John, who provided the following description: “He seems to believe that this information should be shared with the whole world, and he is committed to doing so without regard for his own control or financial gain…

Upon closer inspection, it seems that his techniques entail a straightforward chemical approach of precipitating ORMEs and other minerals out of sea water to produce something that has been dubbed “the milk of the gods.””

John and I made plans to travel up to this location and speak with this gentleman since it seemed like it may be the basic kitchen-chemistry approach we were searching for.

When we arrived, we were met by a small, dark-haired guy in his late forties who welcomed us with open arms.

He granted us permission to record our chats, but he asked that his name and contact information be kept confidential in order to protect his privacy.

In the end, we chose to refer to this person as “the Essene” because of the reasons I will describe later. When we ultimately posted the techniques that he taught us on the Internet, we decided to refer to him as “the Essene.”

When we visited the Essene on May 18, 1997, he demonstrated how to manufacture the white precipitate of sea water using the Wet Method.

While we were there, he also explained several additional techniques.

As soon as we got back home, we wrote up our notes on these strategies and uploaded them to a private email discussion group that we had created just for this purpose.

I paid four visits to the Essene at his home in the course of a year. One of these occasions, I accompanied Jim to see him in person.

A Dead Sea Essene revealed to us that he has always recalled a previous existence as an Essene on the shores of the Dead Sea.

He recalled his earliest recollections of this occurring when he was a boy growing up on the Pacific coast.

His father told him that he was permitted to go fishing off the pier by himself when he was six years old.

He had caught several fish and placed them in a bucket, but he later chose to discard them and fill the bucket with ocean water instead of keeping them.

He returned home and continued to add lye to the water until precipitate began to form.

In memory of his time on the Dead Sea, he cleaned the precipitate and ate it after recalling the procedure. He claims that he has been consuming this in some form or another for the last few years.

As a result of our initial encounter with the Essene, our private email discussion group became rather busy.

We wanted to make the ways he had taught us available to the rest of the world through the Internet, but we also wanted to make sure that these approaches were presented in the safest possible manner.

On the 26th of May, 1997, we began working on our treatise on the Essene’s methodology.

In all, 21 versions of this document were created before it was ultimately delivered to 50 websites throughout the globe on April 8, 1998.

Only a few of them have made this paper available online.

As a result, we now had a method for concentrating the ORMUS components using ordinary household chemistry, without having to apply any complex alchemical processes.

As a result of Barry’s efforts so many different kinds of Ormus producers sprung up .. often under the guidance and support of the Grandfather of Ormus, Barry Carter.