Cleansing Shabby Energies With Ormus

Written by Denis Cooney
July 14, 2015

We received a fabulous rave review about our Space of Grace cleansing spray  on the Ormus forums so I thought I’d share with you.
Well, what an Artisans DREAM  it was to have such a LOVELY RAVE about the “Space of Grace” spray mist!  Thank you Sharon! (her report is below..)

The “SPACE OF GRACE”  Spray Mist is a vibrational treat to everything that it touches  .. people too!
My fun thing to do is to ask people to ‘Take Stock of where they are’ at  before I spray them. Then, I ask them to close their eyes and notice ANY IMPRESSIONS on ANY DIMENSIONS as I mist their face, head and chest.

Usually there is a SILENCE while they SENSE and seek the words to language what they are experiencing .. and mostly when people open their eyes they feel EXPANDED, BIGGER somehow, TALLER even ..  and STILLER .. often Quieter in their Mind.
The Space of Grace is an INSTANT ORMUS HIT .. and people usually notice straight away the subtle STATE CHANGE that it confers. Often people go ‘quiet’ in their mind.

The Space of Grace is made from two of our very popular Ormus varieties.. with NO MINERAL PRECIPITATE to clog the sprayer.

There is 1/ the most Healing ‘Self Regeneration’ (SR) themed Ormus variety, and 2/ the totally Divine “Destiny of Love” (DL) Ormus variety that is what we call a “2nd Octave” Ormus. We also add a couple of the loveliest Essential oils that are known for Cleansing Space.

The ‘Space of Grace’ CLEARS the VIBRATIONAL SPACE of any People, Places or Things .. Instantly!

An example I give is that if someone with a ‘Tacky’ energy field somehow makes it into your house and leave a ‘Dirty Vibe’ on your couch or Dining Table, a quick couple of squirts and PRESTO: CLEANSED!  You have a Wonderful and Sparkling Vibe again!  Seriously, if you are not accustomed to any kind of sensitivity to ‘Energies’, then maybe you can’t relate to what I just wrote. But simply notice the sense of RELIEF when that ‘Tacky’ person has just LEFT!  Now THAT is your Heart’s response to the Vibrational Energies!!

It’s a QUICK FIX for any ‘Shabby Vibration’ that this person has left in your “Private Sanctum” Space when said ‘Tacky’ person has finally departed.

If you move into a new home, a room-by-room spraying of a squirt or two on every surface will TOTALLY CLEANSE all SHABBY ENERGIES ..  They are just GONE!
I did it recently for a friend and as soon as I finished, I could ‘hear’ the Angels Singing for Joy at the New Clean Space!

The SPACE of GRACE is like that .. like a Liquid Fairy Dust Spell on whatever it touches!

Here’s Sharon’s Rave Review of the Space of Grace that she got in July 2015 . Sharon is an Oracle level Psychic Sensitive who is a long time member of the international Ormus-Alchemy movement.  She is almost freakishly perceptive and sensitive to the energies of things and people.

“First of all, Denis is totally fanatic about protecting his products, so the bottle
is wrapped in lightweight Orgone protection using paper and foil layers,
and the label is placed on the outside of these protective layers.
To me, this demonstrates care and respect for his product and for his customers.

The first night I misted both sides of the bed and Bill my husband had a busy dream
night that night, though he couldn’t remember any of them.
My night was mildly busy and pleasant which was great because I’ve been having
trouble dreaming. The next 3 nights I simply put the bottle into my pillowcase and
slept with the product and it was more intense for me than misting it over
my bed, but poor Bill stopped having active dreams.

During these four days I passed through an unpleasant anniversary date and
my dreams turned ‘informative’ and culminated into a huge ‘ah-ha’ dream last night.
I felt as though a load had been lifted from me when I woke this morning.

What I believe happened was the Space Grace product helped me focus and
kept outside interference from coming in without pushing undue programming
onto me.

I live in an apartment and the head of the bed from our neighbor butts up against
the same wall as the head of our bed. I had a headboard made with sheet metal
on the backside and this helped with certain frequencies that were giving me a
headache, but not with my neighbor’s invasive night energy. I then put up a
spiritual detour for my neighbor and placed spiritual insulation between his head
and ours and this helped a LOT – but didn’t totally resolve things.  I still felt confined
amid the crush of chaotic energy from living in close proximity to others.

The Space of Grace Clearing Mist seemed to increase my ‘personal volume’ and I was
able to get clear with myself for the benefit of utilizing dreams for my personal
growth and processes and not to just ‘get through the night’.

My initial response to the Space of Grace was an impression of Denis’ intent of
support and caring, an invitation of sorts. Beyond that I felt that space opened up,
space for me and my energy to fill in. Perhaps his product opened a new dimension,
a dream haven of sorts. Whatever it did, it worked for me.

I don’t travel much but when I do I will take the Space of Grace Clearing Mist
with me and test it out.

Trust me, I’ve tried a LOT of products, ORMUS and otherwise. Most products mask
the energy by placing another layer over the foundation, but those products don’t
eliminate the base layer. They seem effective for people who aren’t as perceptive as I am.
I’ve been doing dream work for 40 years, and with my level of sensitivity and abilities
(much of which I thank ORMUS for sharpening), I can explore the limits of a product.

I have previously tested Denis’s ORMUS as a mist over a hotel bed, and while the energy
he achieves through the advanced imprinting processes he does is precious and sweet,
that product (several years ago) did not eliminate the chaotic energy in the bed.
It simply added a lovely layer on top of it.

This new product, however does more. I feel a simple, yet effective potential within it
and I’m eager to test it on the road sometime.

I like to say how I can ‘hold space’ for someone. It’s something that people often do
for loved ones. ‘Holding the Space’ is making space available for them to develop on
their own, be it healing, or growing up or passing through some crisis.

I feel that Space Grace Clearing does that. It holds Space so that the individual can
organically experience their own dreams without interference or prodding from the imprint
within the product.

Denis’ intent when creating this product is clear, effective and non-intrusive.
Great product Denis!

Warmly, Sharon

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