Happiness Express August 2012

Written by Denis Cooney
August 22, 2012

Happiness Express

I’m absolutely DELIGHTED to welcome all my Elixur of Life Ormus customers and Shower of Power users to the FIRST Happiness Express. This newsletter has been a long time coming and I know many of you have been requesting more information on living in a state of highest vibrational uplift and unreasonable happiness. So here it is – The Happiness Express hot of the press. If you do not wish to receive our once a month newsletter, simply click the unsubscribe button below.

We intend to bring to you a series of happiness insights and regular extraordinary guests who share their illumination and unique gifts with you. We will also keep you updated on the unfolding Ormus magical mystery tour and our full moon adventures in Ormus making…

Like the last full moon in Aquarius when a long term Ormus customer flew over from Perth to partake in our Ormus making ceremony. Salima is clairvoyantly gifted. During the ceremony began to announce by name the spiritual beings showing up to add their vibration to the Intuitive Quickening batch of Ormus we were making. All of the known Archangels showed up with Mother Ormus taking pride of place in the ceremony. There were a few points during the process where the joy and richness of the experience bought us to tears of joy.

Here’s what Sal had to say –

“I have recently had the pleasure of watching Denis in Ormus making action. What a divine experience. After preparing the Ormus making space we became very present using the ‘Shower of Power’ exercise. As I am clairvoyant, I ‘saw’ in my minds eyes a ‘gathering’ of beings .. first a Goddess (‘Mother Ormus’, as Denis calls her) and then beautiful women celebrating in the centre of 4 angels. They were Archangels! And they were protecting and enriching the Ormus making space, and what a blessing. This all came about without invocation of any sort. They just showed up! Denis said this is normal!The whole experience was so beautiful beyond words. When I was in the vicinity of that Aquarian moon batch I felt like I was near the most sacred substance ever created. To me it has the most celestial energy of anything or anyone I know.

Denis puts a lot of energy, focus and intention into his special Ormus batches. He’s a gifted alchemist who lives and breathes Ormus. Ormus can change your life, make you more conscious, help you manifest faster and feel better just by being near it! Try drinking it daily for a few months and you’ll wonder why you didnt start sooner!”

As usual our Ormus making ceremony went into the early hours of the morning because we had to stop a few times to sit on the coach in deep gob smacked appreciation of the richness and love that was here in the Ormus making space. These beings who came to be of service, left their vibrational essence in this batch of Ormus for all who have it to receive significant intuitive quickening. This is a second Octave Ormus and is available to our customers who have had Ormus for at least two months or for first time customers in the Soul Intuitive Pack. I’ve left you some special details at the bottom of this newsletter for those interest.

This month’s Happiness Express guest illuminary is my good buddy Steve Lockie – writer and metaphysician extraordinaire. Steve spent several years laboriously transcribing the Master Keys System that Napoleon Hill of Think and Grow Rich accredits his success to. Be sure to read my interview with him. It’s very enlightening.


Denis of Oz


Featured Interview

“The Secret Master Keys to Achieve Health, Wealth and Happiness in Abundance”

Interview with Steve Lockie
Author 21st Century Version of The Secret Master Keys &
Creator of The Master Keys Subconscious Mind Training Formula

Q. How did you learn about The Secret Master Keys?

A. When the movie The Secret was released I watched and noticed there were references all the way through to this idea of the Master Keys System. I noticed the Secret gave a lot of information about the Law of Attraction but stopped short in a number of areas on how to practically implement it into our lives. So I went to the website so I could see if there was more information and I found a downloadable Ebook called the Master Keys System. So I downloaded it and to my dismay it was written in old English, was very hard to understand, and used old references like horse and ploughs etc. Not particularly relevant.

So I spent a year rewriting the entire manuscript from cover to cover in contemporary English using more modern and relevant examples and references, mainly for me to understand these Keys to manifesting in greater depth. I thought, well if this is valuable for me it might also be valuable for others as well, so I created an Ebook version with 24 Volumes that outlines each of the 24 Master Keys in the original version, only in understandable English.

Q. So who wrote the original version of the Master Key’s System?

A. It was originally written by a man named Charles Haanel. He had been an office boy and studied many of the great thinkers in the New Thought Movement occurring at the end of the 1800’s. He had an idea about growing coffee and sugar in New Mexico and approached several wealthy entrepreneurs with his idea. He ended up running the company with their backing and took that company from nothing to a 40,000,000 dollar corporation, which was phenomenal back then, and even by today’s standards.

When he started writing the Master Key System he was drawing on his studies of New Thought as well as his own experiences of going from poor to mega wealthy.

Q. Is the original hard copy of the book available to buy?

A. It’s very hard to come by. There were originally 220,000 books published, only about 20,000 of them exist today. The Global Elite and Catholic Church got hold of as many books as they could find and began to destroy them. I found one original book on Ebay for 7,000 bucks. Because it’s written in a really old form of English it’s very difficult to grasp. That’s why I transcribed the whole thing.

Q. So what’s in the book that the Global Elite and Catholic Church wouldn’t want every one to find out?

A. It’s far easier to control people who are sick, poverty stricken, lack self confidence, and don’t know what they want or how to get it. You can’t control someone who is the author of their own life. The Master Key System teachers you how to align your conscious and subconscious mind so you can create health, wealth, happiness and prosperity in your life. It’s a complete system of self discovery and connects you with your true power as a creator of your own life in co-creation with the Universal Intelligence. Once you are master of your own destiny no one or nothing can control you ever again.

Q. You’ve created an entire 24 Volume Secret Master Key Course. Tell us how that differs from the original Master Key System?

A. Well as I mentioned before, I’ve transcribed the entire book into 24 Volumes with each Master Key into modern English. I’ve also recorded the entire book on audio so you can listen to each Key on your ipod or while driving to saturate your mind with the secrets of conscious manifestation. I then rewrote the entire 24 Keys again in a different format in preparation to record 24 Subliminally Enhanced Audios you can listen to at night so you can let the power of the knowledge and mental capabilities it trains you to have, work their magic. Plus I created a workbook for each of the Keys so you can anchor in the learning for each Key. When you combine the conscious knowledge, with the Subliminally Enhanced messages, and the mental exercise you get given for each Key, along with the homework, you begin to embody the creative abilities each Key brings to you. As you go through each Key you’ll notice your life just keeps getting better and better. Things you want manifest easily, you feel a greater connection to yourself and the Divine. Your intuitive abilities become more heightened.

Q. Why is that Steve? How does it work?

A. Most people don’t realize what percentage of their thoughts and words are limiting. When we have limiting thoughts or sabotage patterns in play it makes it difficult to manifest what we want or to connect with the Divine source within ourselves. Remove that limitation and replace it with positive mental habits and we can create whatever we want or desire.

It was the author Bruce Lipton who pointed out that approximately 90% of everything that happens in our day is coming from the thoughts held in our subconscious mind. That’s a lot of our day in unconscious creation. The Secret Master Keys Course focuses you so you gain the mental habits and abilities to come into greater mastery and alignment of both your conscious and subconscious minds. When you gain that mastery you can literally move mountains. The more people who have the creative mental ability the more people will be able to have what they desire in life and help co-create a better worldly experience for the entirety of humanity.

One of the reasons why I recorded each key in a subliminal format was so the information could bypass the conscious mind filter and go straight into the subconscious mind to replace any limiting thoughts, beliefs or mental habits that prevent you creating the life or world you want. We can do anything if we put our mind to it. That’s the trick – we need to put our mind to it. Knowing how to work with our subconscious mind is important because it not only creates 90% of our day – it is in essence our creative matrix, because it is the door way to the Universal Creative Intelligence and Substance that all things are created from.

Q. Wow! Subconscious Mind Mastery then is really connects us to our Godhood as creators?

A. Yes. Now you see why the Elite and Catholic Church don’t want you to have this information. “Know that ye are Gods”. You can’t control Gods.

We begin to become conscious creators rather than the unconscious creators we have been. The new mental habits aligned to the Master Keys of the creative Universe take over rather than our unconscious creations ruling our daily experience. The overspill is a greater sense of joy for life and an increased vibrational frequency which in turn all help bring about what you wish to create much faster.

Q. So what are the practical experiences students of this work have experienced.

A. Well the most famous student of the original manuscript was Napoleon Hill of “Think and Grow Rich”. He wrote a letter to Charles Haanel stating he owes his great wealth and success to the Master Keys.

Once I transcribed the manuscript for myself and made the subliminally enhanced audios and listened to them, the project I was working on, the hydrogen fuel cell, which achieves greater fuel efficiency, went from no one wanting to have a bar of it due to fear and insurance problems, to being part of a multi-national business and the first models coming on to the market in a few weeks with customers eagerly awaiting their shipment. I credit this success to working the Secret Master Keys daily because I was really struggling to make headway before I started applying the Keys.

A friend of mind does the course daily. He just hasn’t stopped increasing the benefits of mastering his creative powers. When he started he wasn’t doing anything with his life, was struggling financially having been effected by global meltdown, couldn’t make money no matter what he tried and didn’t want to bring a woman into his life because he felt so down, he but wanted a relationship. Just 8 months later he’s got his own business and is doing very well. He is in love and in a happy relationship and life just keeps getting better and better.

Q. Those are the sorts of results my Ormus customers tell me happens for them. How would having Sub Conscious Mind Mastery help them?

A. Well, Ormus is a superconductor of consciousness and it increases the capacity of the body to carry light. It also raises your vibration significantly. As we know the higher our vibration the greater life experiences we can have.

Using the Secret Master Keys to gain mastery over our subconscious mind is a perfect compliment for Ormus takers because you can amplify your results by having a more exact creative relationship with your mind. You can also remove any sabotaging thoughts or negative mental programming and replace it with these positive mental capabilities. You amplify your results a thousand fold.

You know we’re living in a time of the great quickening. We all feel it. We feel the urgency to get things sorted, change things – change the world. Ormus with The Secret Master Keys is a potent and powerful combination of tools to get you to where you want to be without delays, set backs, frustrations or worries.

Q. Steve, you have a special offer for my Ormus Customers, tell us about that.

A. The entire 24 volumes of The Secret Master Keys, 24 Workbooks, 24 Audios and 24 Sublminally Enhanced Audios have been loaded online for you to download in a membership forum that you can have a life time access to. You can also network and buddy up with others taking the course, make friends – who knows you might meet your next partner! Wouldn’t it be great if you had a partner that had the same outlook at you did? The entire course is available for just $187.

You can login any time you want for the rest of your life to keep breaking any bad habits as they appear throughout your days.

I’ve teamed up with the Mission Mentor, Nicola Grace, a good friend of mine and yours Denis. She has just released her online course Get Started On Your Life Path – Move On What You’re Here To Do which is perfect for Ormus customers on Self Regeneration, Soul Mate, Heaven On Earth and Triumph and Exultation.

Q. That’s great Steve, do you have any final advice or tidbit you can give us from the Secret Master Keys we can put into our lives right away?

A. I’ll leave you with a transmission from the 5th Master Key which is one of my personal favorites. You can read it and think about it and apply it throughout your day.

“After studying this Key carefully, you will see that every conceivable force or object or fact is the result of Mind in Action. Mind in Action is Thought, and Thought is Creative. People are Thinking now as they have never Thought before. This is a Creative age, and the world is awarding its richest prizes to the Thinkers.

Matter is powerless, passive and inert. Mind is Force, Energy and Power. Mind shapes and controls matter. Every form which matter takes is but the expression of some pre-existing Thought. But Thought works no magic transformations; it obeys Natural Laws; it sets in motion Natural Forces; it releases Natural Energies; it manifests in your conduct and your actions, and these in turn react upon your friends and acquaintances, and eventually upon the whole of your environment, Creating either a life of abundance or a life of little, the choice is yours.

You can originate Thought, and, since Thought is Creative, you can Create for yourselves the things you desire.

The Law of Attraction is bringing to you, not the things you should like, or the things you wish for, or the things someone else has, but it brings you your own, the things which you have created, by your Thought processes, whether Consciously or Unconsciously.”

Key 5:8


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