Happiness Express May 2013

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Welcome to the next edition of Happiness Express
In This Issue:
  • 1_1_Perfect_Abundance1Mighty Companions Join the Destiny of Love Ormus Session

  • Soul of Love Ormus Special

  • The Secret Master Keys that Open the Doorway to Abundance

  • Mother of Abundance Stories of Unexpected Money Arriving

  • Tips on Living a Life of Abundance

Isn’t  there ALWAYS room for more Abundance, Love, Happiness, Fulfillment and access to Resources in our lives?

We have been getting SO many great reports about our Venus/Taurus/ ‘Mother of Abundance’ Ormus batch that we have decided to focus on it in May and make you a Special Offer .. well TWO actually! We are almost AWASH with incredible testimonials from our Mother of Abundance using clients that we have collated some of them at the bottom of this email.  Please read them and be amazed too ..

Unbelievable ..

But firstly, the latest ‘Unbelievable Happening’ news on what has become available for our Ormus customers.

Normally on the Full Moon in April/May/Taurus when the Moon is opposed in Scorpio, (known as the Wesak Full Moon in the Buddhist tradition) we make the powerful ‘Transcendence and Liberation’ Ormus batch.

Last week though, things were DIFFERENT vibrationally!

Venus was EXTRA STRONG .. and aligned to the DESTINY point, in it’s own sign of Taurus and next to the Sun in the ‘Heavens’. This called for a SPECIAL ENERGY BATCH to represent the vibrational nature of last week.

The ‘Super Venus’ frequencies called for the DESTINY of LOVE batch to be revisited. This is where I ask for your leave for me to report something REALLY REALLY AMAZING that happened as I prepared the Sacred Ormus Making Space last week.

The angels ..

Some of you already know that we work with, and invite in, the Angels, Ascended Masters, Saints Sages and Loving Etheric Beings from a wide variety of Spiritual cultures to our Ormus making sessions. We ask them to leave their essence and vibrational sweetness IN the Ormus for our customers benefit!

Well last week, we had an ‘overload’ of these Beings and ‘Energies’ in the sweetest possible way. SO MANY lovely high energy, loving vibrational Beings started arriving as soon as I had the Ormus making logistics in place and started the soundtracks of loving soulful music that I had to sit down on the couch in overwhelm at the JOY and LOVE that was filling the room.  It touched me SO DEEPLY that I was crying, sobbing with JOY and GRATITUDE, that such Amazing Beings were visiting our ‘Ormus Ceremony’.

And that was all before I started the processing!

As you may have guessed, it was a ‘SUPER SPECIAL’ night of such richness that I have no words except, LOVE. JOY, LOVE to describe the experience of making this DESTINY of LOVE Ormus batch.

The result ..

When I ‘measured’ the calibration of the final ‘DESTINY of LOVE’ batch at 2.45am when I finished, it calibrated 997 out of 1000 on the Consciousness Scale .. The vibration that Jesus carried. So I have to accept that the momentary flash of Him that I SAW was a REAL cognition .. and that I was BLESSED BLESSED BLESSED by His Presence. Even the next morning, the whole place just glowed vibrationally and I sensed that many of the lovely energies had stayed around to enjoy the vibe .. and I had left the soundtracks of love songs running to entertain them while I slept.

I took some of the Destiny of Love Ormus to an Ormus loving healer nearby and he kinesiologically confirmed the SUPER HIGH calibration of this amazing batch.

The offer ..

So, we decided to make an offer to you, our ‘Ormus Insiders’ of a Special non-public Offer.

Tadaa: ~ The SOUL of LOVE Pack! ~

We are incorporating, just for this mail out to our valued clients, the “SOUL of LOVE Pack” with the wonderful Mother of Abundance, the transforming Self Rejuvenation and the amazing Destiny of Love batch with yet ANOTHER 2 SPECIAL GIFTS!


As well as a Free under pillow ‘Ormus-by-proximity’ ‘Love and Appreciation’ bottle. we are giving you a newly developed ‘Space of Grace’ Ormus Spray!

This Spray is “Instant Ormus” in a sprayable ‘Space Cleanser’ format that will TRANSFORM ANY SPACE INSTANTLY!

You can use it on YOURSELF, on others, on furniture, in cars or ANYWHERE where you want an IMMEDIATE UPLIFT of the vibrational frequency of yourself, another person, place or thing.

This 50ml Space of Grace spray is a GIFT when you order the SOUL of LOVE Pack .. which has another special bonus .. it is cheaper!

It is priced at our ‘SOUL Pack’ price of $260 for Aussie customers and $325 for overseas customers with (discounted) freight inclusive in this cost.

Here’s everything you get again:

Included in the ‘Soul of Love’ Pack Special

1 x 500 ml (16 oz) bottle of ‘Self Regeneration’

1 x 500 ml (16 oz) bottle of ‘Mother Of Abundance’

1 x 500 ml (16 oz) bottle of ‘Destiny of Love’


1 FREE ‘Ormus-by-proximity’ Love and Appreciation DreamTime© 25ml under pillow bottle of Ormus .. &

1 FREE ‘Instant Ormus’ Space of Grace© personal and space cleanser.

Here’s Where You Can Get Hold of the Soul of Love Pack.


The Secret Master Keys that Open the Doorway to Abundance

Vamp Up Your Financial Abundance

If it’s financial abundance you’re after, The Secret Master Keys System is a great subliminally enhanced and modern version of the very same course Napoleon Hill studied to become rich, and go on to write “Think and Grow Rich”.

Secret Master Keys is a 24 week meditation and study system to overhaul and program your subconscious mind, so you increase your vibrational frequency, connect with the creator source, and begin to manifest the abundance you seek. It’s the perfect companion to The Mother of Abundance Ormus.

Remember Ormus is a conductor of consciousness. As you increase your abundance consciousness with The Secret Master Keys, and take the Mother of Abundance Ormus, you’re synergistically turbo charging the effects of both.

My friend Steve Lockie, spent several years turning the ancient text of Secret Master Keys by Charles Hannal, into a modern program with 24 ebooks of each of the secret master keys, 24 audio recordings, 24 subliminally enhanced audios, a training manual and email training follow up. It’s an awesome program. I highly recommend you check it out and get into it.

Here’s the link to get the Secret Master Keys


“Some ‘Mother of Abundance’ Ormus stories &Tips on Living in Abundance”

Liz Gets Better Sleep & $7,000 Mysteriously Arrives

“Since our first child Liz has been suffering chronic insomnia. We felt conventional medicine would no doubt add to the problem. Liz tried acupuncture, reflexology, massage, you name it.

Your Self Regeneration Ormus has really hit the mark and Liz is getting consistently good quality sleep for the first time in two years. I must add, I have felt almost ten foot tall and bullet proof on the Self Regeneration batch. SR has given us a newly discovered joy and ease with life. Thanks for that.

Following your Self Regeneration Ormus, (we got the ‘Bonus Pack’) I have been taking Mother of Abundance Ormus.

Over the last four years of being in business for myself I have been almost constantly fearful about lack of money and how we are going to make ends meet. This has pretty much evaporated into nothing and has been replaced with a new found perspective on the important things in life.

We have also received a cheque out of the blue that we weren’t expecting and then we got a notification of a $7,000+ super policy in Liz’ name .. that mysteriously found its way to our new address despite the fact that we have moved a few times since Liz left that particular employer. So MA definitely worked for us!

Our experience with your Ormus has been awesome and we have since come back to order more supplies, we love it. At a time when universal human consciousness seems to be raising on all manner of levels we are glad to be making the most of this experience with the assistance of your Ormus. Keep up the good work.”

Aaron & Liz, Margaret River, WA

Kim Has Great Dreams & Money Comes

“Hi Denis, Yes your Ormus really does the job.

With the first bottle of MA, I saw gold sparks, then money started coming from little wins and then some bigger ones. The dreamtime bottle really amps the dreams up, I don’t wanna wake up;- Cool to have found your stuff. ”

Kim McNab Vic.

Michelle Has Uplifting “Weird” Experience

“I had the weirdest experience happen so I had to share it with you – I started reading your website a couple of times after hearing about your Ormus, and after the third time looking at your website I realised that every time I was reading about it – my vibration lifted. Then once I made the decision to purchase it because of this experience just reading about it, my vibration remained high all day and I felt fabulous – very connected! I can’t wait to see what happens when I actually receive the Ormus and start taking it….somehow I think I am in for an interesting metaphysical ride!”

Michelle Holistic Psychologist Gold Coast, Qld.

Ormus Lives Up To the Hype

“Well Denis. I have to admit. Sometimes the Rah Rah Rah about your ORMUS sounds a bit too good to be true. H o w e v e r r r r r…

The request for exorbitant Customs fees came in Friday morning’s mail. I was fuming. But .. I never thought of NOT paying it though for several reasons:

1) Your own generosity in the high price the Australian postal service charged you was never requested back by you. (I was astounded by that!) So I did not think it would be right for me to question paying about half what you had already gladly spent to get this to me.

2) I already know you have always had a good product so I was willing to pay whatever was necessary to get YOUR Ormus. LOL

When you said “Fortunately, the Mother of Abundance batch will get it all back for you!”

In the back of my mind I must admit, I thought you were exaggerating just a teeny bit but I vowed to shut my doubts until I could see how it went.

Ok, this is what happened next. Within 6 hours of the morning arrival of official Postal Authorities announcing the ORMUS was here and waiting to come to the house I received a bank statement of several thousand British Pounds Sterling having just been deposited into our account that we had absolutely no knowledge or expectation of. Thought I was going to flip out! haha

next surprise…

I went to the computer to pay the customs charge by debit and within an hour (!) I got a letter in the mail that contained exactly twice the previous amount of thousands. I thought I was going to faint ! I had to laugh.

I just sat here with a big stupid grin on my face and thought… uh-huh… I thought so, the MA Ormus didn’t even have to be in the HOUSE yet… just in the CITY!!!! Well. I am completely convinced. Mother of Abundance is JUST THAT !!!

I can’t wait — it will be delivered to us in the morning and I might just swallow the whole bottle at once… on my way to buy a lottery ticket of course!!!

Bless your cotton socks for your generosity in sending it despite YOUR high postage price in the first place. THANK YOU DENIS. This is some pretty amazing ORMUS. And you can print that!! HAHA. With amazement in my eyes and money in my bank,

Life, Love, and LIGHT!


But Wait: There’s more ..

Over the next few days, Mickey, (one of our 2008 Ormus customers) kept writing and telling me that the money just ‘kept coming’ in smaller amounts for the next week. We estimate she received close to $15,000 Aussie .. £10,000 British Pounds all up!

Tips On Living In Abundance

  1. We’ve heard it before, but it’s always good to remind ourselves – focus on what you have to be greatful for in life, because what you focus on increases. Keep a gratitude diary and at the end of each day write all the things you have in your life to be greatful for, and watch that list grow as more things to be greatful for manifest.
  2. Smile at everyone without discrimination. Non discrimatory acts of happieness raises our vibration and the vibration of the planet. To be in the experience of abundance we also need to be in the experience of the happieness vibration.
  3. Always keep an abundance mentality believing beyond a shadow of a doubt there is enough for everyone, so someone else’s gain is not your loss. By having abundance mentality, you won’t feel envy when someone else succeeds. When you can honestly celebrate other peoples’ successes and wins you will experience the very same.
  4. Start the day out on the right foot. Begin each day in conscious awareness of the abundance of all good things in our universe. Make your first 15 minutes of each day your “Power” moment. Take your Mother of Abundance Ormus here to amplify any meditation or inner work you will do at this time.
  5. Turn water into wine! This is an expression for make the most of the resources you do have available to you. When you untilize your people, skills, techonolgy, gift or other types of resources already in your life, it’s easier to get greatful for the abundance of things you have, which inturn increases the feeling of having an abundance of resources.

Above all, be happy!

Be sure to check out the below specials to get your Mother of Abundance Uplift and more.


Denis of Oz

Ormus Alchemy

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Written By Denis Cooney

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