Happiness Express November 2013 – Abundance

Written by Denis Cooney
November 24, 2013

Welcome to November’s edition of Happiness Express

In This Issue:
  • Opening Your Receiving,  Rewards & Abundance Channels

  • Tips to Grow Your Financial Supply Vibration


Opening Your Receiving,  Rewards & Abundance Channels

It was a ‘REAL MOTHER’! (Sir Isaac Newton, the Alchemist and Astrologer would have said) …

The Full Moon in Taurus was a 2  day opening for the Power and Magic of Abundance to manifest for you. Its this time every year that the opening of the Windows to your ‘Receiving’, the Doors to your ‘Rewards’, the Pathway to your Abundance happens. But HOW did we know in advance that this would happen every year? We KNOW this Astrologically and we CAPTURE these Vibrational “Energies” for you to use throughout the year!

You’ve heard it said, that for every Season, there is a Reason, for every Result, there is a Cause, that as you Think and Speak, so shall you Reap .. These are Laws of Physics that govern all your experiences in life.

When making Ormus for you then, it is superbly important for us to incorporate these Laws in order to get ‘Peak Purpose’  fulfillment as your experience when you take our Ormus.  Your Results matter to us!

Given that the power and purpose of Ormus is to integrate Soul and Body (consciousness with the material world), a good Ormus is so much more elevated when the Ormus Alchemist uses the power of intention, thought, speech and the subtle energies in a sacred Ormus making ceremony.

Ormus has the power of manifestation.  We work with that daily! We harnessed the potent energies of this particular astrological time to make this Taurus Full Moon ‘Mother of Abundance’ Ormus.

Our customers report such great results because Alchemy and the Subtle Energies are as one. And directed Alchemy, observing these Laws of Physics with the Subtle Energies is all about getting PURPOSE and RESULTS!

As there ALWAYS has to be a Theme, a Purpose, a Reason for any endeavour. This is ALSO SO with Alchemical preparations: they have to have a Purpose and a Result in mind otherwise you are not getting ‘peak purpose performance from your product!  An Alchemical product needs DIRECTION! The Alchemist either PROVIDES that direction .. or they DON’T!  Most ‘Newbie’ Ormus creators have never even THOUGHT about this aspect of Alchemy

So, HOW do we know what the Subtle Energies of the moment are?

Astrology! The ART of SEEING and KNOWING the subtle ‘Seasons’.

Throughout history, the Sages and Astrologers were called “Wise Men” because it was they who could SEE the ‘Oncoming Weather’ in the Subtle Energy shifts that affect Human affairs .. i.e.: our lives.. (And by extension, our Ormus).

History reveals that all of the famous and quoted Alchemists of old were also practising Astrologers.  Sir Isaac Newton was a practicing astrologer and practicing alchemist.  This may well be a surprise to many, because Newton is regarded as the Father of Physics and his measurements and reckonings are still used to plot interplanetary travel to this day. But an Alchemist and Astrologer he was! And a good one at that! A brilliant man indeed.  In fact, despite this renown in mainstream science, Newton actually spent more time working on alchemy than physics, writing considerably more papers on the former than the latter.

Once when doing a public science presentation a critic stood and loudly questioned Newton on his ‘fancy’ with astrology .. to which Newton calmly said: “Sir, I have studied it, you have NOT” .. End of challenge!

If, throughout history, the famous Alchemists were also trained in astrology, WHY not NOW?
If the Subtle Energies are always changing, how come the Ormus produced is always the SAME?

In my opinion, it is NOT!  It is always touched by the Subtle Energies.

“For every Season, there is a reason”  . . .

And the Season last weekend  17-18 Nov was ‘Receiving’ .. it was about the Opening to Abundance!   A Real Mother! Sir Isaac Newton would have known that!  ANY competent astrologer would have. This was the season of Gifts, Rewards, Supply, Fulfilment, Beauty, Having, Luxury and Richness.

So, we at Ormus-Alchemy honour the “Energies of the Time” with the correspondingly themed Ormus Elixirs. If the Stars and the Planets are already imprinting our subtle experiences, should WE not CAPTURE these Energies in our Ormus Elixirs? So We DO! And the results are effective in your life!  We “Theme” and ‘Imprint’ our Ormus Elixirs accordingly. Our Elixirs GET RESULTS! And Results are ALL that really count! (Or your money back!)

SO last week when the Full Moon was in Taurus the TIME WAS RIPE for the Mother Of Abundance to be made. We did our ‘All Night Ormus making Ceremony’ to produce a Themed Elixir that will empower you and yours to attract and receive a ‘way above average’ amount of resources, rewards, money, supply of every kind, just from having and ‘calling forth’ the unseen metaphysical aspects of this Themed and Imprinted ‘Mother’ into your life.

You will be glad that you did. Read some of the stories about Mother of Abundance (MA) and then get some for yourself. The longer that you have it, the better the results will get.  Or your money back for the 4 month MA pack.

Our Mother of Abundance Elixir link is right here.


“Grow Your Financial Supply Vibration”

# Financial Supply One

Pay Yourself First

As simply and repeated this idea has been touted, it’s one that most people who struggle financially don’t always [put into practice. The importance of paying yourself first, and tithing to yourself 10%  of your income every month is that building a ‘non linked’ savings stash creates and energetic “Money Magnet” effect. Money attracts money. If you want more money supply in your life, it’s not just a matter of making more money, you need to act wisely with the money you have and pay your self first.

# Financial Supply Two

Listen and Empower Yourself

Listen to Wealth Creation experts DAILY … get soundtracks for your car and listen every time that you drive. This saturates your subconscious mind with wealth, supply, abundance consciousness and vibration needed to bring into your reality that which you are programming. Taking the Mother of Abundance Ormus as you go this will greatly enhance this activity, because remember Ormus is a conductor of consciousness, and our Ormus is programmed with financial abundance consciousness and vibration to help you bring greater abundance into your experience.

Using your sleep time to maximize your manifesting is also powerful.

# Financial Supply Three

Use the Power of Creative Visualization

It was Bruce Lipton, in “Biology of Belief” that said as much at 95% of the experiences we have each day is bought about by the beliefs we have stored in our subconscious mind. That’s a large percentage. Yet we spend most of our day in our head trying to solve our problems or frantic actions to create the results we want.

Programming your subconscious mind for continual major financial supply is critical if you don’t already have what you want financially, because it means your subconscious mind is not already programmed for that. You need to put the work in. Since the subconscious mind responds to pictorial images much faster than mere words, creative visualization then is an important part of your financial supply routine. Creating vision boards and checking in with them daily, taking time out to visualize in meditation that which you desire. Olympic champions and marathon runners have been doing this for decades.
Keep a Visual board of your Goals and Achievements!  (NOT an ‘online/on computer’ file.) Keep it where you can SEE IT!

# Financial Supply Four

Exercise and Tone Your Physical Vehicle (your body)

Exercise, do toning practices like Pilates or Yoga to help you feel successful physically and mentally! Increase your WILL power with Chi Gung or meditation (or both) and ‘measure’  your ability to create car parks wherever you go as a percentage of success.

Above all, be happy!


Denis of Oz
Ormus Alchemy

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