Love And Appreciation Ormus – The Assemblage of Angels

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“My dear Ormus buddies..

It is 2.49am as I write this and I am JAZZED and just can’t sleep!

We just completed the MOST AMAZING Ormus batch we have EVER MADE!

Called ‘Love and Appreciation’ it Blew our Minds .. more below ..

My Ormus assistant is asleep downstairs, collapsed after an evening of Heart Exploding Ormus Making on the Virgo Full Moon tonight!

It was beyond words..

I told Donna who had never done an Ormus making session with me in the 6 months she has been helping me that the Brightest Beings of the ‘Spiritual Realm’ generally show up for our Full Moon Ormus making sessions and she nodded uncomprehendingly .. knowing the theory of what I just had said .. but not knowing from experience.

Tonight she HAD THE EXPERIENCE! (stars..)

Donna is telepathic and clairvoyant, so when I said that “as soon as I put out the ‘Power Pyramid’ and start the Special ‘Love and Appreciation’ soundtrack, and prepare the Ormus making space, they will start arriving”, she felt that she could believe me but THEN: ..

Exactly as I said, when we played our special soundtrack that sings the names of all the Ascended masters, the Archangels, the Saints and Sages, the most famous beings in our (multi cultural) Spiritual Heritage, she ‘SAW’ them all showing up!

They were IMPATIENT for us to GET STARTED making this batch!

Donna described Them as “Surrounding us in rows like an amphi-theatre” .. SO many Saints, Ascended Masters, Angels and Divine Beings were showing up after I requested that they join us for our ‘Love and Appreciation’ Ormus making session that we always do on a Virgo Full Moon.

But NEVER like THIS! Never with SO many amazing Beings present!

Now, I am not Clairvoyant, but I was ‘Off My Face’ with a HUGE HIGH, gratitude, a full heart, laughing with joy and having a rich appreciation for the Divine Beings that had chosen to join us and ADD THEIR ESSENCE to this wonderful batch!
Like I said, I am not of the ‘Seer’ variety, but I CAN sense them and feel their richness, but Donna could get ‘Name Rank and Serial number’ so to speak, and she described the collection of Ascended Masters as like a ‘Council’ of guides at the Highest Level!

Needless to say, I was Gob-Smacked! Blown away and Ultra grateful that these beings would Grace us with their Presence!
Again, I asked them to leave their awesome vibe and evolution IN THE ORMUS for all our customers to get when they have this most elevated batch that we have EVER MADE! It calibrates VERY HIGH on the consciousness scale .. test for yourself!

I KNOW in my BONES that this is THE most powerful time Humanity has ever had .. and the richness of this ‘Love and Appreciation’ Ormus batch will bring a transcendent ‘bridge’ for many many people who are a bit ‘stuck’ in their evolutionary progress ..

For Ormus is, as Barry Carter famously noted: “Ormus is a Matrix of Consciousness” meaning that it GETS EVERYTHING about all the influences present when it is made .. AND handled!

What THAT means is that this Ormus will be like Spiritual Grease’ that makes life SO much easier because of the ‘Spiritual Uplift’ that it will give people!

This Ormus batch is BEYOND anything we have ever produced.

This is Ormus at a whole new level!

‘Love and Appreciation’ is a “1st Octave” batch so ANYONE can get it as their FIRST TIME ordering.

Ok .. its 4.34am now, so I am off to bed.. Elated and fulfilled!
Ciao my dear Ormusians ..

Cheers and Blessings ..

Denis of Oz

PS: We made enough for 60x 500ml (16oz) bottles or so .. Shoulda made more ..”

Written By Denis Cooney

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