Ormus And Astrology

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Today I’d like to tell you about the dynamics of the ‘Astrological Weather‘ which is TOTALLY extraordinary at the moment! The NEW MOON in LEO happened YESTERDAY and is still quite strong but waning in strength by the day. You could make good use of these powers right now!

The ENERGIES of this time are POTENT!

Called a Grand Cross, (they are rare) this alignment of planetary oppositions and ‘squares’ (a 1/4 or 90º angle in an astro circle) is VERY POWERFUL and IF you were born in the first days of Libra (as I was) or Cancer, Capricorn, or Aries, you will experience these energies strongly.

SO WHAT does ASTROLOGY have to do with Ormus?

A LOT! I will report on the Grand Cross below … but for now, let me tell you how I CAPTURED IT in an Ormus elixir this very day (15 hours ago).

It is widely reported that all or most of the ancient alchemists WERE astrologically adept .. and with GOOD REASON!

There WAS a DEEP understanding amongst these ‘Wise Men’ to KNOW in ADVANCE when the PEAK ENERGIES would be happening so these Alchemists could TIME the concocting of their their tonics, elixirs, potions, serums and powders to CAPTURE the potent energies as they happened!

Today, it seems that VERY few Ormus alchemists HAVE this understanding … Mehoo being the most notable exception, as he will make Ormus to suit your own astrological makeup!

But to capture the powerful energies of the electromagnetic spectrum, as they HAPPEN, requires the right TIMING! SUCH a powerful day was TODAY (Yesterday by the time you read this … but still in force) … the NEW (dark) Moon occurred in LEO … where the SUN and the MOON are tightly together.

LEO is the sign of the warrior kings, the royal courts and the extravagant expression of the arts as depicted by the Renaissance artists and musicians. LEO is about EXPRESSION … and being ‘On Show’ in performance, being SEEN and CELEBRATED, Leo is no shrinking violet … it is attention getting and dynamic!

So TODAY, we did a further extension of the LEO FULL MOON Ormus called “TRIUMPH and EXALTATION!“.

It was originally created on the LEO FULL MOON 6 months ago with the Sun opposed in Aquarius … characterised by the ‘energies’ of success and accomplishment, taken to the extraordinary level associated with an exultant celebration of triumph over ‘circumstances’, enemies or difficulties!

Or the ‘spiritual equivalent of JOY and celebration of existence! YES, so the celebration of BREAKTHROUGH and UNINHIBITED JOY is the THEME and ‘personality’ of the Triumph and Exaltation Ormus.

TODAY was a powerful day for ‘capturing’ these energies.

We ‘called in’ the Ascended Masters, saints, sages and ALL the great accomplished master beings by their names, to lend their energies to the Ormus and made it in a double helix tetrahedron with empowering crystals and a Tesla Power Pyramid while playing full strength ‘make you weep with exaltation’ opera and soaring arias and tenors .. as these songs sung the sweetest upliftment into this powerfully timed Ormus.

Isabelle and I were dizzy with the ecstasy of the incredible potency of this Ormus batch and the energies of the day by mid afternoon!


… which is happening right now!

RARELY is there ever happening the kind of astrological ‘weather’ as is happening for the last couple of weeks and for the next couple till the next full moon in Pisces.

THIS YEAR has been particularly powerful .. and especially right now… and if you have read this far, here is the reward!

THIS IS the TIMING of the “CREATION MATRIX“! MANY people will be ‘creating’ (attracting) stress and drama at this time, as a result of their habitual ‘stinkin thinkin’ as the famous Zig Ziglar called it.

But for those who are more intune, this IS the most POWERFUL time for creating deliberately the kind of experience and life that you want to have made manifest in your life! Said another way, this is the time of peak expression of your potentials. ESPECIALLY RIGHT NOW!

The NEW MOON is always associated with New Beginnings and NONE are more powerful than the FIRE SIGNS .. Aries, LEO and Sagittarius!

Now, back to the GRAND CROSS!

It is SO RARE that Saturn squares Pluto .. it can be a VERY TROUBLESOME transit .. but in the last couple of weeks as Saturn is getting REALLY CLOSE to exact 90º angle (difficulty) SO many other slow moving planets have ALSO been lined up opposed and square to this potent mix. Jupiter. Uranus, Venus, Mars, are ALL involved opposed or at right angles to Saturn and Pluto! See this English astrologers report … worth seeing it even though it is a tad ‘technical’, you’ll get the important themes from it. We are half way through the time of this report now.

It is ALL about POTENCY! And HOW you USE IT! Ormus captures it perfectly!

You could wisely take advantage of this powerful time to COMMAND your ‘personal cast of characters’ to play their part to the MAX and create for YOU the EXPERIENCES that YOU would SO love to experience .. be they international travel, asset accumulation, spiritual elevation, business accomplishment, sporting and social achievement, and winning winning winning on EVERY LEVEL!

THIS is the THEME of todays Ormus Batch: The celebration of ACCOMPLISHMENT and SUCCESS! Hence the name ‘Triumph and Exaltation’. It IS all about winning at life. Since I made the first version 6 months ago my life has NEVER been so good. I have had two international trips to two Asian countries and my income has JUMPED! As I said, it is ALL about SUCCESS and accomplishment .. and I have personally enjoyed an incredible amount since making the Triumph and Exaltation!

So, please USE THIS TIME before it all wanes away .. the next two weeks are POTENT, leading up to the Pisces Full Mon in 13 days on our 24th, your 23rd.

So ‘seize the day’ with gusto … set your intention NOW and for the next 13 days till the Full Moon. Your life will NEVER be the same … making and taking Ormus through this time will make it even BETTER!

MAKE ~ up ~ your ~ MIND ~ and ~ GO ~ for ~ your ~ DREAMS!

Cheers and warm regards,

Denis of Oz

Written By Denis Cooney

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