Ormus And Manifestation

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Using Ormus To Enhance Your Manifestation Abilities

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Manifesting Your Intentions With Ormus

We’re you aware that Ormus can enhance your ability to bring into manifestation that which you desire? Well, if you are new to the whole Ormus thing, you may not have heard about “The Quickening’ that often accompanies daily Ormus use. Our customers are certainly reporting heightened manifestation powers.

‘The Quickening’ was an idea applied to our Ormus after many users started observing that they were getting quick  “manifestation” of their intentions. Often even their whimsies were coming into reality as well.  

One guy who had a huge ‘overdose’ of an Ormus-like material (the story is in the 8 page booklet that we send out with orders, called ‘An Ormus Manifestation‘) was getting Instant Manifestation of his thoughts! He started to do constant mental arithmetic, so his thoughts were under his control, because if he thought about a car accident, he would HAVE ONE! 

OK, that was a freakish extreme example of the shortening of the time before THOUGHTS became THINGS, but it does indicate one of the commonly reported properties of daily Ormus use.

The power of Positive ‘Manifestation’ in the lives of our Ormus users, seems to increase the longer that people have it.  

Some times it starts immediately, like a lady last week in Perth who didn’t read the instructions closely when she received the ‘Soul Family’ pack and started using the “Mother of Abundance ” batch first.She was quite surprised to get a letter from an old Super fund that she had forgotten about, telling her she was over seven thousand dollars richer.

Some People see a downside in their thoughts manifesting quickly. Though I have observed that daily Ormus use uplifts the quality of peoples thoughts and overall ‘vibe’, so they are more inclined to think positive and constructive things now, and therefore manifest positively.

Manifestation From Phone Salesman To International Globetrotter

One long term customer called Steve, has just returned from an unexpected, holiday in Brazil and he told me that he feels SO LUCKY these days, because his wants just ‘Manifest’ for him .. to the point that he wonders if he is “Cheating” .. because everything is just so EASY for him now.

Manifesting with Ormus

Click the picture to get started with your own quickening of manifesting your intentions today.

He has been using Ormus by Denis of Oz for 3 years now and has gone from a telephone salesman in Hobart to a globetrotting ‘man of the world’. He just reordered the Bonus Pack .. another 4 months supply.

A happy customer indeed.  One of many happy Ormus customers.

NOTE: Raising your vibrational frequency brings about the experiencing of the Quickening. Ormus helps to raise your vibration and manifest your intentions. If you’ve been struggling with bringing into your reality your Best Life Ever, it might be time to start taking our Ormus. We recommend you start with the Bonus Pack or Soul Family Pack because it’s cheaper, gets faster results and comes with a full 100% money back guarantee.

Written By Denis Cooney

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