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Ormus Effects

Have you heard about the potentially powerful effects of ormus? Ormus is a mineral supplement elixir said to harness the power of quantum energy and have healing, spiritual, and health-promoting benefits.

With its many purported benefits, ormus is growing in popularity. But what are the long-term and side effects of using ormus? Is it safe?

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the possible long term and side effects of using ormus. We’ll also explore how to safely use ormus so that you can benefit from its powerful quantum energies without any risks.

Ormus Side Effects

Ormus side effects are a temporary decrease in energy levels, increased appetite, and change in mood as toxins are cleansed from the blood and eliminated from the body and the body adjusts to these high frequency supplements.

In this article I discuss how these symptoms can be remedied through diet and exercise. Keep reading to learn more about what you could experience with an Ormus supplement:  It is worth clarifying that the term implies an adverse reaction that is generally prolonged. However, the side effects that you may experience from Ormus are short lived.

Ormus has an energising effect on your whole body. However, some people who are operating at below optimal energy levels may initially experience some problems sleeping if they take Ormus late at night. The solution is to only take it in the morning until your body is calibrated to these higher energy levels.

ORMUS components appear to boost the body’s ability to eliminate pollutants. This starts at the cellular level. When these poisons re-enter the bloodstream, they can cause the same symptoms that they did when they were first stored in the cells.

These symptoms typically do not last as long as they did at first, although they may be more severe for a brief time.They are sometimes said to happen backwards, from the present to the past. This is referred to as a “healing crisis.”

Herx Reactions are a type of detoxification response that occurs in the body over a short period of time (a few days to a few weeks). It is not unusual to have flu-like symptoms such as joint and muscle pain, headache, sweating, body pains, general malaise, sore throat, chills, nausea, or other symptoms while the body detoxifies.

Toxins are cleansed from the blood and eliminated from the body by the liver and kidneys. As a result, it is typically preferable to combine the first stages of ORMUS consumption with a series of liver cleanses and plenty of water. Few people, in my experience, have major issues with this cleaning step.

Constipation may occur in some persons as a result of the increased elimination burden.The additional magnesium in ocean water ORMUS precipitate can help with this since it is the same active component as milk of magnesia, a well-known laxative. Another advantage is that most individuals are low in magnesium, and this is a good magnesium source.

Some people experience weariness or drowsiness as a result of the elimination process.The Essene claimed that during this period, some people may get extremely drowsy, and when they wake up, they will “consume everything but the curtain rods, and then they will go right back to sleep.” We believe this occurs because the body expends the energy held in ATP to power the mending process. There are some signs that taking additional B vitamins, particularly B-12 and the amino acid creatine, might help to avoid or alleviate chronic fatigue.

Another point raised by numerous ORMUS researchers and manufacturers is that it is easier to profit from ORMUS if the body is more alkaline. ORMUS products, particularly those with a magnesium or calcium basis, have been shown to alkalize the body. When the body is somewhat alkaline, other ORMUS sources tend to work better. The majority of persons on the standard American diet are acidic. The meals and conditions listed below tend to shift one towards the alkaline end of the spectrum:

ormus alkine balancing substances

As you can see from these natural energy supplements, ormus effects are not just limited to amazing health benefits. The degree and extent that you encounter any or all of the outcomes discussed are highly dependent upon the practitioner making the elixir. Just as the calibre of cars differs between brands, the same applies to the consumption of monoatomic gold.

It is clear that humans require certain substances for good health and having a full compliment of these essential nutrients and minerals in our bodies has the capacity to lead us to a better quality of life. Ormus minerals are appealing to researchers and scientific research is being conducted to understand the biological impacts of monoatomic gold.

Is Ormus Dangerous

Is Ormus dangerous? Put simply no, it is not dangerous. However, there is a very specific situation that one needs to modify the amount they consume.

David Hudson indicated in one of his lectures, one needs to be careful if a person has a brain tumour. The reason for this is that the cancer will grow in size as it heals. This will rapidly lead to excessive pressure in the head, which might be problematic.

As a result, it is necessary to lower the dosage to such a little quantity that no side effects such as tinnitus/beep noises or other pressure effects are seen! This is not an issue because even ultra-small dosages will continue to slowly repair the body.

Ormus Long Term Effects

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As previously stated, David Hudson found white powder Gold, which is composed of noble platinum group metals that are orbitally rearranged monoatomic elements in a high spin state with amazing properties. In essence, They are super-conducting single atoms of precious metals in a unique formulation, alchemically created.

Hudson discovered that the important components in the powder are also found in food, all forms of water, and are plentiful in nature. However, in the Ormus formulations they can be found in far higher concentrations due to the production process.

Ormus is a remarkable trace mineral nutritional supplement that improves overall physical health. It is one of the most potent anti-oxidants known to man and has been found to aid in mineral and nutrient absorption.

Ormus is a trace mineral that is commonly present in good soils. Healthy soils, on the other hand, are becoming increasingly scarce as a result of contemporary farming methods.

This is why the finding of how to extract these orbitally rearranged elements from sea water using contemporary alchemical methods and condense this incredible chemical into concentrated liquids was so significant.

Ormus’ impacts extend beyond physical structures like blood and hair to paranormal structures like the chakra network and the light body.

The effects of this one-of-a-kind chemical known as “ormus” are known to work on all levels of your life, particularly the spiritual body. These minerals are essential for the human body in order to maintain a healthy immune system. However, the benefits of monatomic gold ormus do not stop with physical health; they also include emotional peace, mental clarity, and spiritual wellbeing.

As a result, it is worthwhile to investigate the health benefits of Ormus Gold on the body and psyche.

Ormus Gold Long Term Effects

Monoatomic Gold effects on the human body

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Atomic Ormus encourages a healing response  in the body

Physical Well Being

Enhanced healing function

It is apparent that as we age that the physically we no longer functions in an optimal manner as bodily functions start to degrade. Physically, it has been stated that Ormus minerals enhance immune system function and facilitates the repair of DNA damage that has accumulated over the course of their lifetime.

How is the accomplished? It appears that monatomic elements have a “youthening” function through lengthy consumption, by its apparent restorative function of the enzymes prevalent in human telomeres. These telomeres shorten as we get older. The grandfather of Ormus, Barry Carter, has demonstrated photographic evidence of the repair of chipped teeth.

Further, many users have reported the repair of cavities in their teeth through its usage. Physical healing and strength is enhanced with a number of users reporting rapid recovery from wounds and broken bones through the regeneration of cells.

Flushing the body

The foods that we consume are not as healthy as they were in the past. All manner of preservatives, chemicals and antibiotics are added to our foods in order to enhance shelf life and get produce to market in a timelier manner. When this is coupled with the modern sedentary lifestyle and environmental pollutants, it starts to create issues with the accumulation of toxins in our bodies.

Some of the symptoms of excessive toxins include low energy and fatigue, digestive issues including diarrhoea and constipation, scent and food intolerances, lower back and general aches and pains, and skin conditions such as acne and rashes. Monoatomic Gold seems to facilitate the elimination of toxins from our system.

As the liver, lymph and kidneys are the primary mechanisms for this process, many first time users report a “herxheimer effect”. This is because these organs of elimination are either overwhelmed or not functioning optimally. If that’s the case, people are advised to drink lots of water, do a liver cleanse and stop using it for a day or two until your body returns to a good level of comfort.

monatomic gold effects include toxin elimination

Toxin Elimination

emotional wellbeing

Mood Enhancement

Emotional Well Being

This year, more than any other year in recent memory, has witnessed unprecedented amounts of cognitive disorders and mood disruption. In normal circumstances, mood and how you feel is regulated by many more factors than the average person is aware of. A list of some of these includes stress, insomnia, physical posture, weather, colours, social media, watching the news and dehydration.

Ultimately, how moods are regulated is by Neuro chemicals in our cerebrum, with the most important one being serotonin because it is dubbed the happiness chemical. Ormus is related here from a biological/dietary perspective. A diet that is poor in providing the necessary nutrients for us to function properly can lead to mood disorders.

Ormus Gold, with content rich in vital monatomic minerals and trace elements has the ability to return our brains neuro-chemistry to a state of homeostasis, therefore improving our emotional and spiritual well being.

Heightened Awareness

Monoatomic elements, due to the high spin nature of the particles, tend to have a fairly profound vibratory effect on the anatomy, even raising it to the extent of causing spontaneous kundalini events. As a consequence of this raised vibration there is an enhanced level of perception, giving people access to paranormal states of consciousness. People have reported abilities being activated such as telepathy, intuition and lucid dreaming. Regardless of whether any of these phenomena become apparent, the individual becomes increasingly aware of how their thoughts and feelings impacts the information field around them. The idea that the world is a feedback mechanism is a theory that has been pursued by eminent physicists such as David Bohm.

The net effect of taking this supplement over an extended period is that not only is cell to cell communication increased within the individual but it aids in speeding up the interaction between themselves and the universe. The ability to manifest things in your reality becomes quicker. It is the contrast in our lives that makes us strive for something better and this substance is a mechanism that heightens that contrast and fine tunes our awareness, thoughts and feelings.

monatomic gold heightens abilities both mental and psychic

Heightened abilities

sleep improvement

Improved Sleep

Physical Rejuvenation

One of the little known improvements, which is overlooked with Ormus products, is the enhancement of sleep function. One of the curses of modern existence is that the lifestyle stressors which impede our ability to function optimally are further burdened by the widespread intrusion of technology in our lives.

For all of the convenience that technology brings, there are little known impacts that they cause, especially on our sleep patterns. The blue light technology that is common to all of these devices is further aggravated by people’s use of these devices at night. A Harvard Health study noted any form of light after sundown had significant impacts on the Circadian rhythms of people due to diminished secretions of melatonin from the Pineal Gland. It was noted that disturbed sleeping patterns could lead to a raft of problems, such as diabetes, obesity, depression and other mental issues. The consumption of Ormus minerals not only contributes to better sleep but also has additional positive outcomes. Your melatonin production will start to normalise, allowing your brain to start returning to a state of neurochemical symmetry with consequential mood elevation.

Additionally, you will feel physically rejuvenated and able to deal with stress in a more effective way. Finally, the Alchemists from the past knew that the activation of the Pineal Gland had a major anti-aging effect on the anatomy.

Monoatomic gold effects on the Brain

You’ll often see or hear references to how we only use a fraction of our full cognitive powers. It’s kind of like only ever driving a Ferrari in 1st gear, never fully realising the capabilities of the motor. Unfortunately, most people in modern societies operate from predominately left brain awareness. Monatomic Gold, it seems, is a substance that seems to trigger or activate parts of our capabilities that had no apparent purpose previously.

The Alpha Learning Institute in Switzerland details a series of tests on 10 subjects using monatomic minerals in order to discover whether there were any discernible cognitive gains. According to the testers the results were staggering.  In the words of the research director Sean Adams, the effects of the monoatomic elements were immediate, highly effective and cumulative. They noticed that was a significantly heightened symmetry between the brain’s hemisphere’s resulting in enhanced intelligence, greater agility, heightened creativity, increased spiritual connection and less stress. Typically, this synchronisation is only ever observed in experienced,  deep meditation practitioners (10 years). This may well be the very same substance that was fed to the priest class and Pharaohs in Ancient Egypt, which it was recorded, gave them longevity, enhanced their intellect, intuition and awareness.

Additional gains that have been observed in modern studies on whole brain synchronisation include less fatigue, better immune function and a potential reduction in addictive tendencies.

brain synchronisation and improved mental function

Enhanced Cognitive Function