What is Ormus

What is Ormus

Ormus Definition

ORME (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements) are precious metals and minerals in a very small state. They are highly desired by the human body for growth and better health. ORMUS is also a TRANSCENDENT substance. As a substance, it has properties that go beyond what most people consider as normal. For example in laboratories Ormus shows SUPERCONDUCTIVE and TUNNELING (escaping) properties.

Inside ourselves, Ormus seems to ‘Superconduct’ our WILL and INTENT .. often making our creativity and inventiveness jump to unprecedented levels of effectiveness. Ormus has a rich history in different global cultures, called Manna in the Bible, Soma in the Veda’s, Elixir of Life by the ancient alchemists, but it boils down to this one simple factor. Ormus is a ‘Between the Worlds’ substance of considerable mystery and legend … and yet it works … Because Ormus heals – Ormus uplifts – Ormus clarifies – Ormus expands your very being .. at the Soul level..

WHY does the whole ORMUS REALM have such MYSTIQUE about it?

Despite the broad definition, It is a Substance of Great Mystery that is Beyond Definition that loves to occupy crystalline structures and often is found in dark, quiet places. It dislikes magnetic / electrical fields.. especially X-rays, Gamma rays and the like as EMF returns M state elements to their original metallic state.

Ormus is a name given to the MYSTERIOUS SUBSTANCE that No One can Define. Anyone that thinks they CAN define it is mistaken.. because it is the Modern Day Term for ‘Manna’, a Biblical world that means “WHAT IS IT”?

Its Attributes, Affinities, Properties and Behaviours have been widely reported but it always seems to behave and demonstrate properties beyond our 3D world’s “Definitions” .. (Limitations or Boundaries)

Why then, is it so Mysterious? I will open a few doors to your understanding from my 16 years of personal experience with ALL kinds of Ormus .. from White Powder Gold, Monatomic elements, Ormus elements of all kinds and other mineral elixirs, a wide range of different powders and potions which I personally experienced  along my journey interviewing every manufacturer for charity purposes up until about 2012.

I will also explain why I chose “Wet Alchemy” as the Ideal, Impressionable, “Imprintable” to get Specific results.

I will explain my insiders view of WHAT IT LIKES and WHAT IT DIS-LIKES and what makes it   “Disappear” out of this Dimension .. ie: make it go Trans-dimensional.


What is Ormus infographic sometimes asked as what is ormis

David Hudson Ormus and High Spin State Minerals

David Hudson, an Arizona plains farmer had read, a few decades ago, about the effects of strong acids on breaking up clumpy infertile soils and making them viable again. So he bought a small infertile farm nearby to experiment on and after applying strong Sulphuric Acid, he noticed a White powder was being produced a few days later on the surface of the soil as a by product. This Mysterious substance defied any and all testing as to what it was, and David, being completely puzzled by these strange materials, decided to do some research on these exotic materials and sent samples to the most prestigious analytical laboratories in the USA, costing hundreds of thousands of dollars, and ALL the laboratories returned the SAME RESUT.. The White Substance was .. NOTHING!

One spiritually oriented friend suggested that THIS might be the much sought after White Powder Gold (WPG) that he had read about somewhere, so that fuelled David’s determination to IDENTIFY this elusive substance. After finding out about a Russian chemical testing laboratory that apparently could analyse ANYTHING, he send samples to them and because the Russians did what was known as a “90 Second Burn” .. to identify even stubborn components that would not be identified by a 5 second burn (Elements all get gaseous at different temperatures) the Russian 90 Second Carbon Arc burn showed that there were Platinum Group Elements .. which need a considerably HOTTER temperature to be identified.

So NOW David KNEW that he had inadvertently found some mysterious ‘altered state’ or ‘High Spin State’ Gold and a few of the Platinum group elements (on the periodic scale) in small quantities. But these elements were almost as light as air and were even know to Disappear in a Flash of light!

They became known as Monatomic or m-state elements .. a RARE form of high spin state group of precious metals on the periodic table, some of which were only known about in our time due in part to the Russians “90 Second Burn” technique and David’s persistence and the money and time that he threw at it. The acknowledged M state elements thus far are Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium, Silver, Osmium, Iridium, Platinum, Gold and Mercury. It is worth noting that Copper, Silver, Gold and Mercury were commonly used metals by Alchemists through the ages.

In order to capitalise on this discovery, he employed some very talented chemists to attempt to DUPLICATE the result that he got accidentally on his land.  And David Patented the term ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements) .. and sold partnerships in the project, promising a sort of ‘Promised Land’, Philosopher’s Stone Fountain of Youth Substance for the investors once the  process in commercial amounts was perfected. Sadly, all of the Investors lost their money, but along the way some modern day alchemists copied the patent, and guessed at the parts of the process that David had left out, and those products were sold under the generic name of Ormus.