A Revolutionary Time Everything is CHANGING – Pluto-Saturn Square

Written by Denis Cooney
March 17, 2016

This could be a MAKE or BREAK TIME for you and your loved ones.

The MUCH AWAITED AQUARIAN AGE is really kicking into gear right now.

Astrologically, this time will be a further advance on the “Sixties Revolution” “Pluto-Uranus” times of 50 years ago, when we had the Black Power Revolution, the Anti-Vietnam War Revolution, The Flower Power Revolution, the Psychedelic Revolution, the Women Liberation Revolution, the Rock’n’Roll Music Revolution and a Cultural Revolution on almost all social and political fronts.

I believe that comparitively, that time of the “Revolutionary 60’s” will be seen historically as a Minor Bubble compared to this HUGE PLUTO-URANUS Square that completed last year, and is STILL strongly affecting us.

So .. what about YOU? If fact, how are ALL of US being Affected?

We ALL need to UPGRADE!

The LAST TIME we had a Pluto-Saturn Square it coincided with the French Revolution and then the American Revolution. This astrological squaring foretells revolution is upon us.

The ancient scriptutues say that in this revolutionary time we get so much advancement spirutally from a 10th of the effort because it’s such a potent time of alignement. In the opinion of many canny observers, this is the time of our GREATEST OPPORTUNITY for DIRECT CONNECTION to the Universal (Aquarian Age) Forces that can guide and shape us into the new world or new earth and Eckhardt Tolle calls it.

This new Aquarian Age time (for real) requires a Transformational Shift for all people on Earth.  Some will transition easily .. and Some will be dragged ‘Kicking and Screaming’.  And a significant number will choose to “Check Out”  like David Bowie, and lots of iconic figures who have been ‘departing the mortal coil’ this year already.

Do you feel like you are ready for such a time as the Ultra-Revolutionary  we are in right now? This time will be referred to as the most crucial time of human history for the next 100 years or so!

Many of us believe that we will see Cosmic Disclosure, (ET’s and Black Projects technologies,) multiple Free Energies emerging, multiple Political and Monetary Revolutions (especially in the USA), potentially a WW3 type scenario (or close to it as is unfolding right now in Syria), a Spiritual/Metaphysical Transformational Revolution, a Cultural revolution of the Arts and Sciences and the total emerging of the Aquarian Age .. bringing the much anticipated 100 years of Peace.

We believe to get the most out of this New Wave of Revolution, WE need to Quicken OUR Evolution.

To help with this revolutionary time, we have made a special “Aquarian Age” Elixir of Happiness and Intuitive Awakening that will ‘Part-the-Fog’, and allow IMMEDIATE KNOWING of what you need to do and who to do it with over the next year or two.

It is called “Intuitive Quickening” and it WORKS!

It comes in the ‘Soul Intuitive Pack’ lasting 9-15 months and will accelerate your evolution and purpose in this amazing time. Take a look at all the Soul Intuitive Quickening Ormus has to offer you over at:

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We even offer a Money-Back-Guarantee if you perceive that you have had no benefit .. And this guarantee is good for a year!

This is a NO LOSE Offer .. You will Win, Win and Win on multiple fronts and dimensions of your life.

Here’s where you can get your own Intuitive Quickening and then some

>>> Soul Intuitive Quickening Pack Details

Now our Soul Intuitive Pack includes our most popular “Mother Of Abundance” Ormus. Here’s the latest testimonial that came in last week …

“Hi Denis, I’d like to thank you for quickly changing my life and luck..

I received the Mother of Abundance Ormus in the afternoon and took a few drops and had a wonderful enriching dream that night that felt SO REAL about me going to my local club and winning a jackpot on a poker machine. Far out, it Felt so Real!

The next day when walking past the club I had a gut feeling to walk inside and play. YEP .. quick enough, I WON the JACKPOT!  Well, the luck didn’t end there, for I was on a winning streak!

Two days later I had many, many customers buying LOTS of stock in my store .. which has been quiet for months.

Well another two days later a friend of mine asked me if I wanted to place a bet on a greyhound, (which  I don’t normally do) but the number 5 came into my mind and sure enough, the greyhound won!

My friend could not believe that I’d won another $400 as I raved about the MA Ormus. Great stuff Denis

I am definitely telling people about it now…  I’m ordering the ‘Soul Mate’ Ormus  next .. like tomorrow. ”

Mike V Sutherland NSW

Long Time Use Of Ormus Makes For A Better Life

Here’s a testimonial we received from our long term Ormus customer, Sharon. She is an Oracle Level Sensitive who is respected in the International Ormus Community. So much so many of them send samples of their Ormus to her to get her feedback about it’s potency and efficacy. Here’s what she has had to say about our Ormus just a few days ago…

“The ORMUS that Denis creates is out of this world, LITERALLY! It’s a no-brainer that since ORMUS takes an imprint that someone with the creative and spiritual juices such as Denis has, would use these skills to make the most unique ORMUS product in the world. I am repeatedly impressed when I take Denis’s ORMUS.

His products have been a part of my life for over 8 years and I look forward to many more years of transformative experiences. And this is what they are – transformative to my core.

Denis, I commend you and the work you do. I’m a student of my rhythms, my health, my mental and spiritual acuteness and I notice shifts across the board when I use your product. Thank you isn’t a big enough word but it will have to do. The world needs you. ”
With Gratitude, Sharon

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