Self Regeneration Ormus

The Elixir of Healing and Alignment with Your Life Purpose. The Self Regeneration Ormus (SR) is our most healing Ormus elixir, for true healing happens at the soul level.



Ormus is a Super Mineral that can help improve your health and mind. Ormus Gold is the powerful nutrient that can help you with it’s incredible benefits. Learn how it works in the body and why you should be using Ormus for improved health!

This ancient natural remedy can help reduce physical and mental fatigue by maintaining cellular function resulting in increased stamina. It also promotes calmness, clarity of thought and awareness through its ability to raise metabolic activity while reducing inflammation throughout your body.

Imagine feeling confident knowing that you’re adding minerals and nutrients to your body with Ormus! The potency is unmatched; we guarantee it will be the only supplement you’ll ever need.

What is Ormus

ORMUS is a modern name for the family of materials that were sought by alchemists and sages throughout history to advance humanity’s physical & spiritual wellbeing. It was referred to as the Philosopher’s Stone, Manna, Elixir of Life, Prana, Chi, King Solomon’s gold and Shewbread in ancient Chinese, Hindu, Hebrew, and Egyptian alchemical literature.

Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements, ormes, manna, monoatomic gold, white powder gold, m-state elements, Ormus Gold are all terms used by modern scientists to describe it. These high spin state elements are a “new” form of matter were rediscovered by David Hudson, which he, at the time, called White Powder Gold.

Orbitally Rearranged minerals are Platinum Group precious metal elements on the Periodic table of elements. Alchemists have been working with these precious metals in secret since ancient Egypt to create something known as the Elixir of Life which bears a striking resemblance to the characteristics of this exotic alkaline mineral supplement. Essentially, it is modern day alchemy made available to the masses.

It has peculiar physical properties consistent with quantum coherence and superconductivity. Its resonant qualities, which are abundant in all living forms, are essential to the functioning of the world and all of its inhabitants. They exist naturally and can be found in the food we consume, the water we drink, the air we breathe and is abundant in certain rich volcanic soil. These m state elements contain all the important minerals for total body health.

In sea water, all of these m-state constituents are particularly abundant. According to David Hudson’s findings, these elements in their m-state might be 10,000 times more plentiful than their metallic counterparts. Essentially Monatomic Gold can be broadly defined as elements said to demonstrate a range of miraculous and phenomenal qualities that can dramatically enhance your life.

How Does Ormus Work?

As the atoms are in a ‘non metallic spin’ state, when they enter the human body inter-cell communication is rapidly increased. When each of the cells is ‘enlivened’ and is communicating in an optimal manner with other cells in the rest of the body, balance and health is more easily and quickly restored. The cells are infused with energy and are recharged and rejuvenated as the cell to cell communication is optimised. The unique molecular structure of these super conductive sea minerals facilitates the exchanging energy process.

These amazing m-state minerals can also be found in a variety of biological systems, not just the human body. They appear to improve energy flow in the microtubules that go through every live cell.

Ormus Supplements as a source of Trace Minerals

Minerals and trace elements play important roles in health, including aiding in nerve impulse transmission, balancing other elements in order to maintain a healthy immune system, and aiding in biological processes by transferring energy through the interchange of electrons. They assist your body to accomplish things like generate hormones, control metabolism, and distribute oxygen to the various tissues in your body via the blood.

Trace minerals, which are present in most balanced diets and orbitally rearranged minerals are crucial for our well being and the sustenance of people, animals, and plants. Your body requires extremely small amounts of these essential nutrients, but those little quantities go a long way towards keeping your body functioning properly.

If your diet lacks the appropriate amounts of these supplements, your body will suffer. A shortage of calcium in the diet, for example, might result in muscular cramps or brittle bones. A magnesium deficiency might leave you feeling weary, lacking mental clarity and energy on a daily basis. When the body is restores to a particular alkaline level well being is more readily attained.

That is why they are so important for your immune system and optimal health. The monatomic elements present in seaweed are a fantastic source of m state minerals. We collect our water from the pristine clean Australian sea on the full moon as the ocean washes over the seaweed collecting higher levels of these elements than are present at any other phase of the moon cycle for use in our Ormus Gold.

The Health Benefits of Ormus for Your Body and Mind

The effects and benefits of Ormus consumption are numerous and vary, depending on a variety of factors such as one’s overall health or well being, age, body weight, nutrition, and so on.

As a mineral compound it has been scientifically confirmed to have potent therapeutic properties for both the body and psyche. It is a natural supplement that has a high concentration of minerals such as gold, silver, platinum, copper, zinc, and silicon. Because of its various therapeutic properties, it is one of the greatest minerals for a healthy body.

These minerals have several health advantages. Some of the benefits include the stimulation of alpha brain wave production, increased energy, healing of numerous ailments, mental clarity, focus, and creativity. Monoatomic marine minerals are responsible for hastening the healing process of any physical issue you may be experiencing.

They also aid in the recovery from severe forms of illness. Monoatomic elements confers anti-aging properties. It leaves your skin feeling smooth, silky, and shining. It aids the biological processes in the synthesis of collagen and elastin and also promotes hair growth and improves the condition of hair and nails. They also have a alkaline balancing effect on your blood sugar level and ph.

Ormus is a one-of-a-kind mineral compound that can help you enjoy yourself more by increasing your energy, attention, creativity and maintain a healthy immune system. Add this supplement to your daily regime and your body and mind will love you. Cutting edge science research is seeking to comprehend the underlying nature of these m state materials.

Self Regeneration Ormus

The Self Regeneration Ormus elixir functions and resonates to reset the Vibration, the Essence of your Self,  your Soul … with the focus on your higher self and the kind of person that you CAN be as you realise (make real) your highest potential in this life.
Ormus (known back then as Manna)  has been known historically to manifest healing results since Biblical times. Ormus is modern day Alchemy.

Uplift and Heal .. on every level.
As we uplift on the awareness/consciousness front our lives get easier and easier. SR lifts people by vibrational healing ABOVE the vibrational level where a lot of ‘Dis-Ease’ and suffering is functioning .. to a new higher level of clear and happy living.

The SR Elixir is a Life Changer! You will start to SEE things you have never noticed, with increasing frequency. People tend to Spiritually advance … their spiritual practices (if they have any) being much more satisfying, deep, fulfilling and producing sweeter days .. accumulatively!  SR users start to notice their own inner world more, like a witness to their own evolution.

Ormus Manifests Stuff Faster!  The SR Ormus and Ormus generally, seems to MANIFEST (bring into being) the items of our interest and focus with increasing speed!   So it is suggested that you focus on the people, places and things that excite and reward you .. not the opposite.

Ormus Gold for a healthy body and mind, abundance and enhanced spirituality
SR taken regularly (and with any of our other varieties) will TRANSFORM your existence .. sweetly elevating your experience, quality of life, inner perspective and more important to many Ormus Beginners: allow for Healing and Transcending of old limiting conditions .. be they Physical, Mental, Emotional, Financial or Social.  SR, is like ‘Patient Magic’ .. it may takes days, weeks or months for this sweet evolution, but YOUR CLARITY and HAPPINESS WILL HAPPEN!

This SR Elixir usually creates a feeling of upliftment, the release of old patterns, the rediscovery of your enthusiasm and the celebration of the emergence of your greatest potential.

Denis of Oz Speaks on Self Regeneration (SR)

Astrologically, our Self Regeneration Ormus is created on the Aries Full Moon to capture the potency of the Mars ‘Fire’ energies. Aries, as the first sign, is all about your SELF which includes your higher and lower aspects of self, and the realignment with your highest ‘mission and purpose’ this lifetime.




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