Soul of Love Ormus Pack

The ‘Soul of Love Pack’ covers all the sweetest aspects of an ideal life including Richness, Happiness and a Destiny of Loving.


The ‘Soul of Love Pack’ covers all the sweetest aspects of an ideal life including Richness, Happiness and a Destiny of Loving.

When Making The “Soul Of Love” Pack An Amazing Thing Happened!

“We work with, and invite in, the Angels, Ascended Masters, Saints, Sages and Loving Etheric Beings from a wide variety of Spiritual cultures to our Ormus making sessions. We ask them to leave their essence and vibrational sweetness IN the Ormus for our customers benefit!

When making the Destiny of Love (DL) variety this Sagittarius Full Moon, we had an House-Full of these Beings and ‘Energies’ in the sweetest possible way.

There were SO MANY lovely high energy, loving vibrational Divine Higher Dimensional Beings that started arriving as soon as I had the Ormus making logistics in place and started the soundtracks of loving soulful music that I had to sit down on the couch in overwhelm at the JOY and LOVE that was filling the room. It touched me SO DEEPLY that I was crying with tears of JOY and GRATITUDE, that such Amazing Beings were visiting our ‘Ormus Ceremony’.

I had just recreated the most powerful ‘Ormus Power Pyramid’ to make the DL Ormus in and was totally ELATED just being in the Field’ of these combined sweet ‘Energies’ .. and the process took all night and I was still elated as the morning matured   ..  I say this because this “signature” of these ~Divine Loving Energies~ is present in the DL Ormus for customers to access if they with to address the ArchAngels by name. (A long list of names.)

When I ‘measured’ the calibration of the final ‘DESTINY of LOVE’ batch at 5.45am, it calibrated 997 out of 1000 on the Hawkins Consciousness Scale .. I took some of the Destiny of Love Ormus to an Ormus loving healer nearby and he kinesiologically confirmed the SUPER HIGH calibration of this amazing batch of ‘DL’.

For You To Enjoy and Prosper!

Included in the Soul of Love Pack Special

The Gifts

  1. PLUS ONE FREE**DreamTime© 25ml (Ormus by proximity) under pillow bottle:
  2. PLUS ONE FREE‘Space of Grace’© 50ml (Ormus Space Clearing Spray):
  3. PLUS the‘SHOWER of POWER’© Immediate Consciousness Uplift Exercise (laminated with instructions)
    PLUS:  1 x Free Dropper for measuring your specific ‘dosage’.

ONE person 9-18 months supply and TWO people 4.5-9 months supply.

“Our money-back-guarantee is: ‘It’s Your Happiness’ .. Or your Money Back to you. We take the financial risk for your discovery.”

(Money back guarantee only on the Bonus and Soul Packs)

Soul of Love Pack

$257 (Australia & NZ Only + EXPRESS Postage)

$257 (Rest of World + discounted EXPRESS [tracked] Postage)



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