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A lot has been said of late about the importance to raise your vibration. When our vibrational frequency is raised so too are our life experiences.I received this fantastic testimonial from a customer who experienced a vibrational frequency boost that bought about higher consciousness and psychic experiences. Have a read – it’s a great story.

Dear Denis,

I have to confess, when in my very late teens, I came across an advertisement for Ormus in a Nexus Magazine at a Doctor’s Surgery… The advertisement had a profound effect on me. I just ‘knew’ that Ormus would be part of my life from the moment I touched the advertisement.

At the time, I was sad that I was just starting out in the world of work and likely wouldn’t be able to afford Ormus as yet, but couldn’t wait til I had the funds to purchase… I was called into the doctor’s room and on finishing with the doctor, I looked for the magazine and noticed that the guy who had watched my reaction to the advertisement had picked up the magazine! I could feel he was desperately looking for what had transfixed me before I had had to go into the doctor’s room. I asked to borrow the magazine back for a second, but he just didn’t want to let go of the magazine!!! Being shy, I awkwardly left the waiting room, paid and left the medical practise… a bit bewildered by the man’s reaction but certain that it was because he was coveting the Ormus…

Ormus – Example of daylight experience:

Perhaps years later, I was introduced to a couple by some mutual friends. The gentleman and I were talking about premonitions and psychic experiences. He gave me something to try and asked me to tell him what it was. The word “Ormus” literally came to my mind on tasting the cloudy, salty liquid. I laughed, “like almost, but Ormus”. Indeed it was your Ormus, Denis as I remember the packaging!

I found myself venturing into the courtyard where all colours and texture of the garden started to look exceptionally vivid. If you can imagine playing and turning up the contrast and brightness on a TV set, you are close to imagining what I am talking about!

Within the garden there seemed to be variations and shades of colour that I had not noticed before! The peace and serenity I felt alongside the joy in my heart was literally astounding. I was in a state of total bliss, playing in the garden with a pair of secateurs and putting together a beautiful floral arrangement for the people I was visiting.

I had not done any floristry for years and was quite amazed at how I felt ‘inspired guidance’ as to the flower selection and arranging, which took so little time, being inspired, to put together. Probably the most beautiful bouquet I have ever created!

Years later I found myself looking once again at a Ormus advertisement. The Ormus in the advertisement seemed to reach out and speak to me once more… I knew I had to purchase Ormus, and that it had to be from Denis of Oz! With great excitement, I made the call to Denis. I was very impressed with the light and energy that Denis exudes. You can feel Denis’s vibration is at a very high calibration just by talking to him over the phone! I have completed the 7 levels of the Original Seven Level System of Reiki and am very in tune and sensitive to people’s energy and vibration…

Ormus – Example of night-time experience:

No wonder, with Denis’s vibration being so high, his Ormus is POTENT! From the first dose of a mere 1/2 tsp of the Mother of Abundance Ormus, I found myself waking up, within my dream, as though I was bursting through with such vibrancy and joy that I was instantly aware that I was totally connected and at one with my higher self, (at what felt to be the wee hours of the morning)… I was dazzled at the landscape that I was in, the warmth of the energy of the environment I was in, within my dream and the brilliance of the colours was breathtaking… I recognised that I was at one with my highest self, in my heavenly sanctuary…

Quite literally, Ormus has further opened the channel between my physical self and my higher self but also with great ease, strengthened my connection to my angels! I always look forward to bedtime, knowing with great joy that I am going to bed and will connect and integrate with my higher self and divinity, where I am always in a loving space and can learn anything I wish to learn about! All I have to do is state my purpose with gratitude, when I take my dose of Ormus!
Denis’s Ormus inspires me and enables me to be the best person I can be and to positively manifest what I want in my life!

In simple terms, Denis’s Ormus is the vibration of universal love that enables people to access their divinity on Earth. If you want to vibrate with the harmony of universal love, try Denis’s Ormus!
Being a Scorpio, I cannot wait to try Denis’s Transcendence and Liberation Ormus. I am a naturally gifted psychic and I look forward to strengthening my abilities, for the highest purpose and good of healing the people that I connect with – whether it be with spiritual messages or by illuminating peoples’ consciousness with Reiki. I have no doubt that Denis’s Transcendence and Liberation will further enhance my healing sessions and inspired guidance readings.

Thanks Denis, what joys your heavenly Ormus brings to my world … I feel incredibly blessed!
There are so many ways that your Ormus has literally blessed my world, but I thought I would stick to the main themes that jumped out and impressed me! …. If you like, I can write you a separate testimonial for the Self Regeneration Ormus…

With love and light,
Leonie Webb

This is such a great example of how you can raise your vibration with Ormus. Leonie had such a vibrational frequency boost, and by raising her vibration it bought her into greater spiritual experiences.

Written By Denis Cooney

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