The Aura Around Ormus

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One day, just after I had allowed the thought of making my Ormus publicly available, I had a knock on my front door. It was June, who it turned out was an exceptionally clear channel and healer from across the river in Elanora here on the Queensland Gold Coast. June was sent by her cousin, one of my students who attended a workshop on ‘The Sacred Art of Ormus Making’ a few weeks before at a weekend workshop.

I had been making Ormus for 3 years prior to that point every month on the Full Moon and had developed many different ways to ‘Imprint’ it (program it) with uplifting vibrational effects for the user. People were sending in rave reports. We conducted the workshop for 25 people on Tangalooma Island Resort, off the coast of Brisbane, the capital of Queensland in the Winter of 2008.

June had come at her cousins suggestion to get some Ormus from me.

After I had invited her in and we chatted over tea, June excitedly remarked that she could ‘see’ a ‘field’ of energy over two different batches of my Ormus drums that were out at the time of her visit.

“I wondered if I would,” she said, “because, after hearing my cousins rave about your Ormus, I had to come and SEE for myself … and now I know what she meant”.

I was mystified. What was she talking about. I didn’t ‘see’ any special ‘fields’ around my Ormus, though I could feel its growing presence, but it was not visual for me in any way.

“I can see a field like a DNA spiral with colour and sparkle” she said.

Again, I felt like I had a visual impediment .. a glaring lack of clairvoyance!

Then I remembered the workshop I had seen Dr Harry Oldfield do at the Nexus conference that October and remembered the slide ‘filter’ he has sold me for ‘seeing’ energies, so I ran and found it.

Sure enough, when I put it in front of the camera lens, I too could ‘see’ a ‘field’ on top of my drum of Ormus. The photo didn’t seem to show the DNA spiral but at least I had some validation of the energy field that she had talked about.

It was then I knew that something precious was emerging here.

Ormus seemed to be working its own magic into my life.

Aura around ormus

People had been saying I should sell my Ormus. Finally I was.

I became a reluctant vendor at first, selling some to finance the tour of Barry Carter around Australia in Spring of 2008 at the Nexus conference and it was all the ‘push’ that I needed. Some of my customers from that conference STILL have my Ormus regularly. I LOVE my ‘job’! I love being of service to people who appreciate this Ormus and the amazing things that it does for them.

Most of all, I count myself extremely lucky to be able to add value to people from all around the world, by making Ormus in the most sacred atmosphere on the planet.

Cheers and love,

Denis of Oz

Written By Denis Cooney

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