Using Ormus In Manifesting Abundance

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Here’s a great story from one of my customers on how Ormus helped him in manifesting abundance. Most people want to experience financial abundance in their life – that feeling of having more than enough. The law of attraction has been very popular in giving people access to ways of manifesting abundance. However, the law of attraction forgets one very important thing – frequency! You can have an abundance mentality and think abundantly, but without the frequency the manifestation has not juice to come into your physical reality.

Ormus is a great product to help us raise our frequency to that of an abundant consciousness and feeling. And in Latroy’s story you’ll see how fast that manifestation can occur. Latroy is the ONLY customer I have ever had who has multiple ordered our small (200ml)  Mother of Abundance bottle.

Last night he called because his latest bottle broke in transit. He said that he had “nothing to say” when I asked him about why he was a serial-small-bottle Ormus orderer.  So I chatted to him a bit about why he had been taking Ormus.

“It just WORKS” he finally blurted out.. “Its the bomb!”

He warmed up to the subject, on a roll now: “I was lacking in motivation and had even been warned at my job.
After having your Ormus, my motivation and productivity immediately picked up!

My work output became quite prodigious and I could just see that this stuff is the bomb!”

“Historically, I had been jumping from project to project without accomplishing a lot .. partly because I have a very high IQ and have been on a constant quest for spiritual advancement. I am a 15 year meditator, a martial artist and used every kind of herbal empowerment imaginable .. sometimes making me ungrounded and unbalanced energies.

But when I started on the Ormus, I suddenly felt like I had full control again.

“So now have to accept that your program WORKS” He exclaimed.

“I am a Californian living in SA and I make the BEST SALSA in Australia.

But I just couldn’t get around to doing anything about it.”  he said.

“Anyway, the Ormus kicked me into gear and suddenly I had Food Making premises registration, had sourced the right containers, had designed great labels, had made LOTS and LOTS of batches for ‘field testing’ (they all confirmed it was the best they had ever had) and I am on a fast track to jump starting my new business”.

‘You STILL DIDN’T EXPLAIN why you keep ordering small bottles when the 2 month supply is such better economy” I asked. ‘Why don’t you get the Bonus Pack’ I asked.

Mother of Abundance Ormus

“I have just been doing this one small step at a time” he said, I can’t explain even why I stopped, it was an intuitive thing maybe.

But after a few months, I realised that I MISSED IT!  So I reordered, and everything pick up immediately.” he said.

“THAT was when my Salsa project got off the ground”, he said with more enthusiasm, “because I stopped procrastinating, and suddenly I had made huge strides to getting it all done. NOW my focus is fully there!”

Latroy promised to keep me tuned and to order a bigger bottle or a Bonus pack next.. when he finishes the bottle I am sending to him today.

Geez, I love my job!

If you’d like to learn more about how Mother of Abundance Ormus can help you in manifesting abundance.

Written By Denis Cooney

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