Ormus FAQs

Ormus Frequently Asked Questions

What is Ormus made of ?

Our “Elixir of Life” Ormus is sourced from the most ideal mineral composition on our planet .. which is identical to the composition of your tears and your blood: Pure Ocean Water. With some Western Australia (WA) Gold lake salt and Korean bamboo salt. It is precipitated with 5% Lye (Sodium Hydroxide) which returns to salt water in the process and becomes totally benign. Every mineral in the ocean (which has all of them) are transformed into their hydroxide form for ideal assimilation and activity in the body.

What does Ormus DO to / for me ?

customers experiences with Ormus CONSTANTLY amaze and surprise us. Ormus is a transcendent material and we never know exactly WHAT it will do EXCEPT … we KNOW that the changes will be beneficial and positive. We see all manner of ‘dis-ease’ conditions seemingly ‘miraculously’ dissolve as if they had never existed. Ease of discomfort. We believe that challenges and obstacles that are on the physical, mental, emotional and even the social or financial levels are a discomfort of the Spirit. Since the transcendent spiritual nature of Ormus lifts the Spirit, it often equates to all manner of life conditions improve and a simple unexplainable happiness ‘moves in’ to occupy the ‘vacated space’ that the old discomfort occupied. a/ Physically Some of our customers report HUGE gains in their physical fitness, health and vitality. It is reported daily to us.. but we make NO CLAIMS regarding Ormus and physical health. It is an individual thing between you and the realm of the soul. b/ Mentally We have reports of significant relief of stress and anxiety after taking Ormus .. INSTANTLY is some cases .. yet, again we make NO CLAIMS regarding what Ormus might do for YOU. Again it is a ‘between you and God’ type of thing. c/ Emotionally Why people rave and promote Ormus due to their sweet, level (in comparison) emotional and inner states always gratifies us.. for the happiness that seems to ‘show up’ for people is reported as a real blessing to our lovely customers. d/ Spiritually Ormus really IS a ‘Spiritual’ product. It uplifts people to the higher aspects of consciousness daily, subtly and surely over time, still allowing them to have their life lessons but with SO MUCH more ‘Grace’ and sweetness in their lives. Things that need to be released, happen easier.. skills that need to be acquired, happen with more synchronicity. Overall, your life will improve ‘spiritually’ and on every other front, the longer that you have and take Ormus daily. READ THE CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS TO FIND OUT WHAT OTHERS HAVE TO SAY ABOUT THEIR EXPERIENCE!

What effect will Ormus have on my medications ?

Since Ormus is the chemically benign product that it is, (mildly treated Ocean Water) it is as safe as drinking a ½ teaspoon of your own tears or sea water. Elixir of Life Ormus will not interfere with medications at all. Sometimes physical conditions and ailments disappear, so if you DO get better, go and see your GP for a reassessment of your need for the medicines that you are taking. Let your physician be your consultant. This is especially true for diabetics who may find that their need for insulin drops quite quickly .. so we advise that you be in regular contact with your GP for assessment as you go. Our Self Regeneration (SR) seems to be the most effective at dissolving painful conditions and obstacles to wellbeing

Is Ormus Dangerous? Is Ormus safe for Children and old folks ?

Totally YES! Since Ormus is the chemically benign product that it is, (mildly treated Ocean Water) it is as safe as drinking a ½ teaspoon of your own tears or sea water. It seems to significantly improve the lives and creativity of children as seen in the families of many personal Ormus using friends who have highly creative children since having Ormus in their homes. Many older folks are getting a new ‘lease on life’ and ring us with their bright ideas of how they can be of value in the community. We believe that ‘incoming souls’ CHOOSE their parents, and the incoming souls arriving for the Ormus taking mothers and families have been seen to be quite advanced beings. Possibly it has to do with the transcendent superconductivity of the Ormus Elixirs. Ormus taking Children THRIVE and generally have been seen to be HIGHLY CREATIVE and wonderful to have in the Ormus using family.

Is Ormus safe for pets?

Totally YES .. Again! Pets LOVE and will thrive with daily Ormus in their food and drinking water; 5 – 15 drops (proportional to their weight) is all that is needed for pets. Don’t be surprised if your pets find a way to ‘ask’ for THEIR Ormus, once they sense your vibration from handling the Ormus bottle.

How MUCH Ormus should I take and how often ? How Much to Take?

It USED to be that we would recommend ½ a teaspoon twice day to sweetly change and uplift your mood, brighten your world and enhance your life. NOW, our Elixirs have SO much ore Potency that ½ a teaspoon is an OVERDOSE for most people .. They need a LOT LESS! S SO, we now Dowse (Kinesiologically Test) for the EXACT amount of drops that each of you should be taking for Each Variety! We recommend you have these drops under the tongue but you can mix with any liquid like milk or juice and take on waking first thing in the morning and last thing at night, just before you are ‘between the worlds’. You may also like to put some in an ‘under pillow’ bottle (We have a special DreamTime* bottle for this) and allow it to effect you while you sleep. Taking an extra dose during stressful times is also known to be highly beneficial. As is wearing a small bottle in your bra.

Special Cases: Are you an EMPATH ?

We find that many of our HIGHLY SENSITIVE and EMPATHIC customers get ‘over-loaded’ with even 1/4 teaspoon of Ormus twice daily. We recommend that you ‘sensitives’ start with the dowsed amount of drops and if there is ANY discomfort cut back to only 5 drops twice a day and ‘work up’ to what is the ‘right for you’ dose. The HUGE BENEFIT for you lucky people is that a 2-month bottle will last you 4, 6, or 8 months – so you get huge value in longevity of Ormus in terms of financial outlay and time of use of these Ormus Energies.

Can I have too MUCH Ormus ?

1/ As it is a completely natural substance, too much cannot harm you, but taking more is NOT necessary due to its high potency and effectiveness. We also recommend that you take only one batch at a time for one month at a time, before moving to the next batch. 2/ However there ARE times when even ¼ of a teaspoon is TOO MUCH! This is true for the EMPATH’S and Sensitives in our community. See the comments above under “Are you an Empath?”. It is Empaths that required us to ‘Test’ on each of our customers to get the ‘Right-for-You’ dosage just right in terms of drops daily. Now EVERYONE of our customers gets this process done for them.

How should I store Ormus ?

IMPORTANT – KEEP Ormus away from Electro Magnetic Fields like computers, power points, electronic gadgets and mobile phones. We sell our Ormus in specially wrapped Orgone Wrapping, which we have found to significantly increase its life span and potency. When not in use, store the Ormus in these protective layers safely away from Electro Magnetic Fields. We suggest that you keep ANY spare bottles UNDER YOUR BED to sleep in the ‘Vibrational Field’ of the Ormus Batches that you will be taking soon. It’s better that they be vibrationally enhancing YOU, than some cupboard or shelf somewhere! Ormus ‘works’ by proximity. Since Ormus works just by PROXIMITY, get it close to you! Some customers have filled small perfume bottles to put in their bra. Therefore, if you are ordering a multi bottle pack (Bonus Pack, one of the ‘Soul Packs’) put the bottles you are not consuming that month underneath your bed .. so you can get the benefit of the Ormus Radiance.


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